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Series Length:3 Seasons, 21 Episodes
Network: HBO

Todd McFarlane's Spawn is the an animated series inspired by the comic book of the same name from Image Comics and was created by Todd McFarlane. The animated series was disseminated on HBO from 1997 to 1999. It had three seasons. The three seasons were included on the DVD. In 1999, this HBO series won an Emmy for Outstanding Animation Program. IGN ranked this series as 5th on their List of The Greatest Comic Book Cartoons of All Time.

This TV show was about Al Simmons, who sold his soul to a devil, so he could see his wife named Wanda again. The devil gives him a grotesque body instead of his actual body. When he returns to Earth, he is dismissed by his wife because he is so ugly. He ends up living in alleyways, protecting people in those alleys and fighting enemies from his past such as Jason Wynn, who had killed him in the first place in Vietnam.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
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  • In the series finale, Twitch remembers that Chief Banks shot him. When Twitch confronts Banks, he takes his own life rather than confessing his crime. At Al's grave, Jade confesses to Spawn that since she saved him, Heaven now has a bounty on her head. Two new Celestial Warriors appear and battle Spawn and Jade. Spawn visits Cyan's sick Granny and grants her desire to visit Jack, her dead husband. Spawn now realizes his powers need not be used for evil.

  • Spawn has flashbacks of himself as Al Simmons sent downriver to capture the renegade Major Forsberg--guardian of the war mask of Ghengis Khan which contains the powers of Hell. We now realize that he is Wynn's mysterious prisoner. In hopes of redemption, Spawn sets out to free Forsberg. Meanwhile, Wanda searches for Terry, who has also been captured by Wynn and tortured. Wynn seeks and finds the mask for himself.

  • Victims are found torn apart and drained of blood in Spawn's alley. Sam and Twitch believe it to be the work of the man in the red cloak. At the crime scene, Lisa Wu sees a girl whom she recognizes to be Lily, a Celestial outcast and vampire hired by Heaven to hunt down and kill the Hellspawn. During the climactic battle between Spawn and Lily, he is severely wounded. Lisa Wu then appears as Jade, the Celestial Warrior hunting Spawn.

  • After Cog informs Spawn of his shroud's powers, Spawn transforms himself into the human form of Terry in order to visit Wanda. Twitch, recovering in the hospital with a bullet in his skull, finds his memory foggy. Terry and Richard Sullivan, Vice Chairman of the NSC, try to expose Wynn's evil CIA dealings. Cog warns Spawn that a female Celestial Warrior, Jade, is hunting him.

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