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Tom and Jerry Tales is an animated television series that features the world's most famous cat and mouse team Tom and Jerry. Each episode of the show is a half-hour in length and is comprised of several short cartoons. The show was created by Hanna-Barbera, and the show's production company was Warner Brothers Animation.

Generations of people around the world have enjoyed watching Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse engage in elaborate games of hide and seek, and this show usually shows three cartoon shorts, most of which are fairly new. Tom and Jerry Tales is similar to the original Tom and Jerry cartoons, but the writing in many episodes is updated with more contemporary topics.

The action is always fast-paced in the cartoons on the Tom and Jerry Tales show. The cat and mouse team regularly find themselves in an array of locales, and they're always at odds with each other, with chase scenes galore. Even though Tom and Jerry are often fighting with each other, they actually really do like each other.

When the cat and mouse are chasing each other around indoors on Tom and Jerry Tales, they make the most out of every household object, and some of their schemes are quite clever.

Among the adventures that are presented on Tom and Jerry Tales are those dealing with robot mice, finding a treasure map, using power tools and jackhammers, playing hockey and visiting a haunted house.

Some of the other characters in this animated series are Droopy the dog, Nibbles the mouse, Barney Bear and the dogs Spike and Tyke. In some of the segments of Tom and Jerry Tales, the cat and mouse are set in the historical past, and in others they are set in the future.

The animation work on this cartoon show is modern and high quality, and the cartoon shorts feature very entertaining soundtracks.

More than 75 segments of Tom and Jerry Tales have been created.

Kids WB
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Canceled
September 23, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
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Tom and Jerry Tales Full Episode Guide

  • Game of Mouse & Cat: In a twisted alternate reality, mice chase cats and Jerry's owner orders him to get Tom out of the house by whatever means possible. But in reality, it's a virtual program in which Jerry gets to live his dream. Afterward, Tom tries out a program in which he gets to chase a fearful Spike around. Babysitting Blues: Tom and Jerry babysit their nephews for the day, which leads to more trouble than usual courtesy of their being very mischievious. Catfish Follies: Tom and Jerry go fishing and are pitted against Butch in the form of a catfish, who wants to eat Jerry, but has to avoid becoming a catch for Tom.

  • DJ Jerry: Tom is in charge of guarding his owner's record store at night, but has trouble doing so when Jerry hosts a hip hop nightclub for mice down below. When his initial efforts to stop the noise fail, Tom infiltrates the club, but is again thrawted by DJ Jerry and the party mice. Kitty Cat Blues: In the South, Tom tries to woo a potential girlfriend by giving Jerry to her as a gift. But when she takes a liking to him instead, Tom impresses her with a music act and sings the blues. At first it works, but when the cat and mouse duo go back to their usual chases and wreck the house, she gets fed up and kicks them both out. Flamenco Fiasco: In old Spain, Tom enters a Flamenco dance contest to try to win the top prize of the Golden Guitar awarded by El Presidente himself. However, this disrupts Jerry's date and he tries to sabotage the cat's efforts to win. But the two, along with their girlfriends vie in a danceoff and Tom wins by bringing the house down--literally!

  • Hockey Schtick: On a cold winter day, Jerry decides to freeze the pond and go ice skating. But Tom, escaped from jail, wants to play hockey and tries to engage him in a physical confrontation, leading to hijinks on ice.Snow Brawl: Jerry engages Tom in a snowball fight and the two build snow forts as they're pitted against each other in battle. During their snowfight, a truckload of magic hats spill out, bringing their snowcats and snowmice to life and intensify the battle as it gets out of control. The duo then have to work together to put a stop to it.The Abominable Snowmouse: Tom and Jerry encounter a giant abominable snowmouse during a chase in a forest in the winter. The creature begins to chase them as well, but when he's exposed to hot springs, it shrinks down to size and the duo literally blow the puffy-furred mouse away.

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