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Toriko is the anime adaptation of the "shonen" manga of the same name. The series focuses on the adventures of the titular Gourmet Hunter, Toriko. Toriko is hired by restaurants and chegs to use his expertise in the martial arts and his vast knowledge of the animal kingdom to seek out rare monsters and creatures, destroy them or otherwise harvest the rare ingredients that the particular monster is known for such as meat or nectar, and then to prepare a gourmet meal involving said ingredients. Toriko's driving goal as a Gourmet Hunter (or "Bishokuya") is to find the rarest of foods and to use them in preparing the world's ultimate gourmet dinner.

The series begins with Toriko being hired by the timid chef Komatsu to hunt down a three-hundred year old Gararagator, after Komatsu witnessed Toriko catch a Pincer Fish and defeat a Five-Tailed Eagle. After a dangerous encounter involving Baron Tigers, Snake Frogs, and a Swamp Snake, and even Baron Leeches, Komatsu and Toriko encounter the Gararagator. Utilizing his Fork and Knife technique, Toriko dispatches the gator and shares his life plans with Komatsu who returns the sharing by mention that he wants to become a world-famous chef. The two then agree to work together for their mutual success.

As the series progresses, Toriko gets to show off more and more advanced hunting techniques. Toriko's basic Fork and Knife technique is the umbrella for the Ice Pick, Flying Fork and Knife, Leg Fork and Knife, Fork Shield, Fork Cannon, and Leg Boomerang. The "Fork" of the techniques comes from forming his left hand into a claw shape, with the "Knife" from forming his right hand into a chopping shape. Beyond this "bread and butter" attack, Toriko also has access to a Multi-Hit Nail Punch and the Knocking Gun (for stunning instead of killing prey). As a Bishokuya, Toriko is also resistant to extreme cold, can generate a dulling insecticide, and possesses a back-up battery in the form of autophagy.

Toei Animation
1 Season, 147 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 10, 2011
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  • The finale of the battle between Toriko and Joie! The Human World is devastated by a storm of mysterious meteorites! Amongst a backdrop of hope, forgiveness, and devious plans, Toriko and Komatsu embark on their greatest challenge: surviving a new world!

  • With the Four Kings utterly defeated, Joie is about to take Komatsu away, until Toriko tries one last, desperate gambit, which could make him lose control of himself and kill even his dearest friends! Meanwhile, the final battle between Ichiryu and Midora ends with a bang!

  • Joie intends to abduct Komatsu, an idea that both Toriko and Starjun are dead-set against! Meanwhile, the final battle between Ichiryu and Midora rages on! Plus, learn about the connection between these two leaders and Acacia!

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