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Series Length:2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
Network: Cartoon Network

In this series, Total Drama World Tour, 17 cast-mates are taken on challenges spanning the globe, and required to break spontaneously into song.

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Rating: 5/10
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  • The Aftermath set - which has been moved to glorious Hawaii! Geoff and the Peanut Gallery are giddy - now this is an Aftermath. Added to the mix are returning losers Duncan, Owen, Courtney and Blaineley, who's wheeled out on a dolly, swaddled in head-to-toe bandages thanks to the most painful elimination landing ever. And finally returning after six long weeks surrounded by Russians and meat is none other than Bridgette! Unfortunately for Geoff,

  • The Aftermath studio. Geoff is thrilled to announce Blaineley is gone, doing a world tour of countries where Total Drama is a hit. But where's Bridgette? Blaineley appears and reveals that she tricked Bridgette into leaving the country instead! Turns out Blaineley couldn't get her old job back at 'Celebrity Manhunt', and she's not about to let this gig go. Bridgette calls in from Siberia, shivering, and begs Geoff to appease her host, a pissed off Blaineley 'SuperFan,' by singing a country song about Blaineley. But Geoff can't help insulting Blaineley in the lyrics, which insults her Superfan - and causes a bear attack!

  • A race up a volcano determines the winner of the contest in the season finale.

  • The finalists must get to Hawaii without the benefit of a plane, forcing them on a road-trip race.

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