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The people of Total Drama Island have come back for a world wide tour. Watch contestants take on extreme challenges and each other to win a big prize. There is a twist to this reality show it is an animated show, so the challenges are more extreme, and the feuds are more dramatic than any other reality show that is on television.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 33 Episodes
June 21, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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Total Drama World Tour Full Episode Guide

  • Without a plane, the contestants find themselves in a manic road-trip race - all the way to the shores of Hawaii...

  • The Aftermath set - which has been moved to glorious Hawaii! Geoff and the Peanut Gallery are giddy - now this is an Aftermath. Added to the mix are returning losers Duncan, Owen, Courtney and Blaineley, who's wheeled out on a dolly, swaddled in head-to-toe bandages thanks to the most painful elimination landing ever. And finally returning after six long weeks surrounded by Russians and meat is none other than Bridgette! Unfortunately for Geoff,

  • With just four contestants left, the heat is really starting to ratchet up on the battle. Alejandro's choice to bring Cody to first class proves to be brilliant strategy as Cody is desperately grateful for a night away from Sierra's obsession with him and is now willing to do anything to help Alejandro. Although Heather tries to work Sierra, it essentially proves to be fruitless as Sierra is more concerned with saving her marriage to Cody.

  • The Serengeti, Tanzania. Duncan is a happy camper - Courtney is gone! It's sweet relief. Blaineley is gone too, but her effects are still being felt as everyone makes snickering comments about Alejandro and Heather's obvious attraction - something they both vehemently deny. And Chris makes Chef wear a parka and snow pants as punishment for helping Blaineley cheat. Meanwhile, Cody is deliriously weak thanks to the love potion tea Sierra keeps pouring down his throat, so Sierra turns her knapsack into a baby carrier and lugs him around, playing both for herself and for her 'husband.'

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