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The TV show Trading Spouses is a reality show on the FOX network and is often referred to as Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy for advertising purposes. During the show, two families switch wives or sometimes even husbands for a week. Members of the family must then follow the rules set by the new family member. This usually causes conflict, especially with any kids in the family, because the new wife or husband usually has a more radical view of rules and discipline than they are used to.

Trading Spouses aired its first episode in 2004 and aired its season three finale episode in 2007. In early 2008, FOX decided to sell its rights to the show to CMT and officially end the series. This series began just a few weeks before ABC was to air a show with a similar premise.

Several times throughout the series, many wives showed up in more than one episode trading places with different people each time. This happened most often with those people who brought the most controversy and thus viewers to the show.

Each set of families had a two episode arch where the first episode aired the first week and the continuation aired the following week. This decision made viewers come back at least for a second time to find out what happened next.

One difference between this show and some of the other similar reality shows is that they give each family $50,000 with the requirement that the guest mother/wife gets to say how the family gets to spend the money. This is usually to help out certain members of the family with things they need or want to do.

Trading Spouses has 59 episodes that spanned over three seasons. Each episode was approximately 44 minutes in length when you don't count commercials. Some episodes were either longer or shorter than this average by a minute or two.

3 Seasons, 59 Episodes - Canceled
July 20, 2004
Trading Spouses
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  • Laurie is worried about all the pressure that Ed heaps on Nick. Meanwhile, Cheri can't believe how boring it is at the Allen home and why Tom is so against Wes leaving home for college. On a drive he reveals that she is only there for the week and if Wes starts getting the idea of going away to college he will have a mental breakdown.

  • Orange County, CA, is where we'll find Cheri Naudin, a highly motivated, hard working woman. Ed, might be even more competitive than she is. They have 15-year old, Nick, 13-year old Shannon and 11-year old Chele and are pushed by Cheri to achieve success too. In Santa Rosa, CA, is where the Allen family reside. A laid back, easy going couple who believe that most of the world is too uptight and corporate driven.

  • The free-wheeling lifestyle of a rock star is a big change for housewife Doreen Andrews of Boston, MA. But adjustment to the life of a stay-at-home mom any easier for rocker Terry Nelson of Longview, WA? While Doreen tries to tame Terry's husband, Terry wants to do the same for Doreen's slacking girls.

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