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Tree With Deep Roots is a Korean crime drama. The drama focuses on Detective Kang, who is tasked with finding out who has been killing a group of Korean scholars. The scholars all lived and worked in Gyeonkbok Palace and were busy helping King Sejong the Great develop a written language.

King Sejong has a lot of issues. When he first became King, he was dealing with a lot of potential rivals for the crown. One day, while trying to defend himself, he ended up killing his in-laws. Ddol Bok was one of the in-law's servants and he is furious at the King. He decides to spend his time working himself into becoming a great warrior and seeking revenge.

Ddol manages to return to the palace in disguise and finds himself caught up in the murder of the scholars. It turns out that the scholars were killed by a secret organization called the Hidden Root. The Hidden Root is devoted to taking power away from the King.

Ddol soon learns about the King's plan to create a new written language. Eventually, he is persuaded by Kang and others that the King's killing of his in-laws was a mistake. Ddol changes his mind about revenge and decides he will work with the King. Hidden Root is against the new alphabet, however. They believe it will give too much power to the common people. A member of the Hidden Root ends up killing King Sejong's son but that only makes the King want to work harder. Kang is also killed by a Hidden Root member. Eventually, the alphabet is released and the new language spreads throughout the land.

1 Season, 24 Episodes - Canceled
October 5, 2011
Korean Drama
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Tree With Deep Roots Full Episode Guide

  • The final showdown begins as Jung Gi Joon readies for his assassination attempt against Sejong. So Yi struggles to pass down her knowledge of the Solution.

  • Desperate to know what the Solution is, Jung Gi Joon is willing to give up his position as a leader of Hidden Root in order to bring Sejong down.

  • Hidden Root falls apart as traitors abound. Chae Yun goes on a desperate search to save So Yi.

  • Sent out to the countryside to distribute the letters, So Yi and the other court maidens don't realize the danger lurking at their heels.

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