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Trick My What? TV Show is basically about a team of gentlemen who are dealt tasks to totally transform machines, cars and even tanks to brand new condition. The catch is that they can be handed any sort of task that ranges from bringing out the best in a concrete mixing truck to cleaning out a septic tank to bring it back to life, if there is such a thing.

The reason this show is so interesting is because it peaks a lot of peoples' curiosity to see how a team of people work together to achieve the unthinkable. I mean, seriously, who would ever think about restoring an old pig farmer tractor, or cleaning out a septic tank for that matter. The show deals with real life situations and tasks which brings out peoples real feelings in the show. Some feats actually seem as though they can not be done but at the end of the day it seems as though the inevitable has been accomplished. It's very gratifying to see the end product and it keeps you entertained throughout. There is a host who interacts with the clean team and it's often very comical to get to listen in on their conversations.

Most of the situations are very challenging which brings the group together to think of a plan to get the task accomplished. There is deductive reasoning, cause and effect and tried and tested theories that come into play. The best solution wins and the team starts on the daunting task of making this difficult task come to life before our eyes on television. I'm quite sure if we had to watch them from beginning to end the show would last for days, but since we can not we make sure to tune in for the time being to see how this all plays out. Makes me wonder what else is there to possibly Trick Out?

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on CMT
1 Season, 9 Episodes - Returning Series
October 7, 2011
Automotive, Family, How To
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Trick My What? Full Episode Guide

  • Pig farmer Willard Hill's once successful business has definitely seen better days. John Schneider and the guys at the Lonestar Speed Shop give Willard's family a well-deserved hand by getting their tractor back on its feet.

  • Just like all the fishermen working the Gulf after the recent oil spill, shrimper Bryan Brady works hard to represent his family and his country. He's a third generation shrimper with a shrimp boat that looks like it's three generations old. John Schneider and the guys at LSS take Bryan's beat-up shipwreck and turn it into a shrimping vessel fit for a sea warrior.

  • John and the LSS team help a hardworking devoted woman with the lift she needs by tricking out her truck into a patriotic masterpiece worthy of her name -- America.

  • An asphalt roller gets tricked out.

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