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Tripping the Rift is an adult-oriented, Canadian, computer-animated science fiction parody series that lasted for three seasons of 13 episodes each. It follows the exploits of the Jupiter 42 and its crew; its perverted captain, Chode; sex slave/science officer android, Six (also known as Six of One and Six of Nine); hideous alien pilot T'Nuk Layor; Chode's impulsive, teenage chameleon of a nephew, Whip; effeminate, android servant, Gus; and the Jupiter 42's own artificial intelligence, Bob; as they explore various worlds and galaxies that all take inspiration from various science fiction films, movies, and texts. Frequently enough, the Jupiter 42's crew is harangued by the Confederation's blackmailing Captain Shatner or the villainous Darth Bobo of the Dark Clown Empire.

In addition to the series proper, Tripping the Rift has two versions of its pilot episode "Love and Darph," as well as a spin-off, made-for-television movie. The differences between the two pilots come down to dialogue and voice actresses for the character of Six). Each episode is only twenty minutes long, although the movie's 75 minute run time mostly comes from splicing footage from three show episodes, with a little bit of new content thrown in to connect those episodes.

3 Seasons, 39 Episodes - Canceled
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Tripping the Rift Full Episode Guide

  • While the others are being scammed and brainwashed, Whip is out sowing his wild oats with a bunch of like-minded horny teenagers. Only Gus can pull Whip out of his self-induced state of bliss in order to help him bring the crew home.

  • When Chode's libido fails to rise to the occasion, he tries various ways to correct the problem, including having sex with Six in public. Unfortunately, their escapades on the control panel accidentally cause the ship to fire lasers at a death star.

  • Chode enters Bob and the crew in a space race called the 50 Million Kronig Flaming Colossus. Chode takes Bob to a chop shop for modifications that will give them an edge in the race, but the plan backfires when Bob gets too much work done.

  • Chode's ex-girlfriend contacts him and informs him that he has a son. In an effort to be a good father, Chode takes custody of the boy and brings him aboard the ship. But an unexpected twist prompts Chode to return to his old ways.

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