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Tsubasa: Spring Thunder Chronicles focuses on the story of a group looking to find ways to escape a world that is trying it's best to keep them imprisoned there forever. However, they find a way out of that world, due to forcefully leaving some of their fellow comrades behind.

The group then finds their way into Kurogane's home planet, where they find a young girl named Sakura, who is imprisoned in a dream world.

Syaoran decides to risk his life to save Sakura from the dream world, when the clone version of Syaoran suddenly appears in the dream world to make things difficult for the real Syaoran.

1 Season, 2 Episodes
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  • Following the battle with King Ashura, Fey's weakened powers lead Kurogane to make a stunning sacrifice. After the group arrives in the his homeland, Kurogane must face a foe with a very familiar face.

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