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Ultimate Survival Alaska is the latest installment of the popular Ultimate Survival series. The premise of the series is that contestants are placed in a random location away from civilization. The contestants then work to find a way home. In the past, the scenes were typically tropical and wild, like forests and jungles. In Ultimate Survival Alaska, new survival challenges arise as the contestants face a freezing wilderness.

While Ultimate Survival Alaska has no grand prize, it still has a competition mentality. Survival is considered to be a prize; however, many of the competitors have their pride at steak. They are skilled survivalists and many of them have extensive mountain survival experience.

The contestants of Ultimate Survival Alaska include some of the best survivalists alive. The cast includes Austin Manelick, Marty and Matt Raney, Tyler Johnson, Brent Sass and Dallas and Tyrell Seavey. Almost all of the contestants are native-born Alaskans, making them already experienced in the terrain. The contestants also have a diverse age range and skill set.

Some of the issues the crew faces over the course of the show include more than just a rough landscape. The show is as realistic as possible, allowing the contestants to face challenges such as hunger and hostile predators. The weather is also a huge issue as the cold temperatures of Alaska drop at night.

With the National Geographic crew filming their every move, the contestants are recorded doing everything it takes to survive the unknown terrain.

All in all, the show is designed to help people learn how to survive in harsh conditions. Each week presents a new adventure for the crew and new challenges that show the viewer how to adapt to change. These tips can be useful in case of emergencies. This epic competition is an exciting and accurate way to show what it takes to be a real survivalist in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Ultimate Survival Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • Teams ride the historic Alaskan Railroad, and are confronted with mountains, canyons, glaciers and an iceberg-filled lake.

  • In the second leg of the competition, teams descend 2,000 feet of snowy ridges, bush-covered slopes and spongy swamps to reach the LZ (landing zone) at Talachulitna Lake. At the insertion flag, the adventurers find a cache of dogsleds, skis, snowshoes and packrafts.

  • In the first leg of the competition, four teams compete to make it to the summit of Mount Gerdine.

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