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Ultraman is a Japanese live-action superhero television show that debuted in 1966. It was also released in the United States with voice overs. It was produced by Tokyo Brodcast Systems. The show was huge in Japan and pretty popular in the United States. It is intended for children, but in the years following the shows run it has developed a cult following with adults.

The reason for this is the cheap productions values and voice overs now provide a source of humor. The show ran for 39 episodes and spawned a franchise. Each episode is 24 minutes long and follows the adventures of the original Ultraman hero.

The show begins in the future; it is later revealed to be sometime in the 1990s. Disaster strikes as monsters and aliens come to Earth to destroy it. There is an organization in place to help protect us, and they are called the Science Special Search Party. This group is the peak of high technology and resources. Simply put, they are Earth's only defense mechanism. It is a worldwide organization, but this show centers on the division in Tokyo, Japan.

The organization begins to feel overwhelmed and outmatched. One of the workers there has a special tool that can help them. It is the key to having him transform into the superhero known as Ultraman. As well known as Ultraman is, no one knows who is under the suit. His identity remains a secret. Throughout the show's duration, the energy source that helps make the ordinary employee make the transformation to Ultraman is running out. If it ever were to completely run out, Ultraman will never be able to save the day again. Each episode will see Ultraman defending Earth against a new monster or alien. Depending on what version of the series is watched, the ending to the series will be different.

1 Season, 39 Episodes - Canceled
July 17, 1966
Action & Adventure
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Ultraman Full Episode Guide

  • In this final episode of the Ultraman television series, a fiendish alien race, the Z-Ton Aliens, plots to conquer Earth. While plotting to cripple the Science Patrol Headquarters, they dispatch their giant insect-like monster, Z-Ton, to destroy it from the outside. After the Science Patrol destroy the Z-Ton fleet, Ultraman intervenes, but the monster proves to be more than a match for him! Will Ultraman, or the Science Patrol, be able to destroy Z-Ton? If Ultraman fails, what will happen next . .

  • The Science Patrol takes to the stars and learns that a missing piece of equipment could cause Space Station V2 to explode. After determining that the closest replacement is on a nearby planet, the Science Patrol makes a beeline for it...only to encounter a pair of ferocious monsters in their path.

  • When Pigmon, the cute human-sized monster thought to have been killed in Episode 8, inexplicably re-appears in the toy section of a department store, the Science Patrol learns that a giant creature with the ability to resurrect monsters has appeared in Japan.

  • A monster with the power to emit blinding flashes of light is terrorizing Japan. The Science Patrol's attempts to subdue it only cause it to mutate into a new form. The orders come to halt the attack, but the creature continues its rampageÂ… Until Ultraman steps in to stop it.

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