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Ultraman: Towards the Future (also known as Ultraman the Great) is another of the many Ultraman live action tokusatsu shows. This series was produced in Australia and lasted 13 episodes, six of which focused on the "Goudes Threat" story arc. One change to Ultraman's abilities is that he can only remain transformed for 3 minutes, due to the planet Earth's high levels of pollution (the show was produced during a time of heavy environmentalism and carried such a message in all of its episodes).

The series begins with Jack and Stanely taking the first manned trip to Mars. It is on the red planet that the massive slug, Goudes is revealed. Ultraman arrives to defeat him but is knocked out. With the two humans in serious trouble (one pinned in a rockslide and their ship exploded by Goudes), Ultraman rises up and nearly destroys the slug; Goudes turns into an earthbound virus. The Goudes virus then spreads, making as well as awakening monsters. Ultraman needs a human host to defend earth, joining with Jack and the Universal Multipurpose Agency to do so.

Later on, a stronger Goudes arrives, imprisoning Ultraman. However, Jack reasons with the creature; if Goudes corrupts everything, he will be left with nothing else. Goudes is then defeated for good. The rest of the series continues with heavy environmental themes, with monsters usually originated from issues of human pollution.

The series ends with three powerful kaiju appearing in quick succession. These kaiju: Kilazee, Kodalar, and even the planet Earth itself, seeks to destroy humanity for its abuse of nature. Although Ultraman is thwarted by Kodalar, Jack Shindo lives on and helps the destruction of Kodalar by directing the humans to use an ancient disc, reflecting Kodalar's power on itself and destroying it. While the humans deal with Kodalar, Ultraman makes short work of Kilazee and send the kaiju into space, splitting himself from Jack. The destruction of Kodalar and Kilazee sates the Earth's rage, giving humanity a chance to fix the planet.

Saturdays at 07:00 am et/pt on FOX on FOX
1 Season, 17 Episodes - Ended
January 4, 1992
Ultraman: Towards the Future
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  • Kodalar attacks; the UMA must use an artifact to reflect its own attack back at it.

  • Something is poisoning the ocean. Ultraman must battle its greatest foe.

  • Earth is playing host to some unexpected visitors.

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