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Un Refugio Para El Amor is a Spanish language telenovela produced by the Mexican company, Televisa. The show stars Zuria Tega and Gabriel Soto as the two main love interests of each other and the main star attractions. Jessica Coch, Humberto Elizondo, Frances Ondiviela, and Luara Flores are an excellent support cast. The cast is one of the main reasons for the show's great fan base and the success that it has had. The plot itself is a re hash of La Zulianita. The show is written by Delia Fiallo, with assistance from Nora Aleman. This show airs during the afternoon, not traditionally a time for high television numbers, but Un Refugio Para El Amor has still managed to be one of the most successful telenovelas ever.

The plot of the story is based on a girl named Luciana Jacinto Flores, who Vega portrays, who lives with her family in the village of San Francisco el Alto. She lives there with her mother, father and brother. However, things are not like they seem within the family. Her father has a great deal of debt on the farm and he wants Luciana to get married to a rich man, Don Aquiles, who can save their farm and give her dad the money he badly needs. When the family refuses the marriage proposal, the Don burns all of the family's crops, causing her father to have a heart attack.

While all this is happening to Luciana, the other protagonist Rodrigo Torreslanda (Soto) is busy climbing a mountain with his brother Patricio. However, things do not go so well and it turns out Patricio is paralyzed.

To help her family, Luciana gets a job at the mansion of Maximino Torreslanda (Blando) and his wife Rosalena. Torreslanda is an adulterer who also has a mistress on the side. As the plot develops, Torreslanda gets engaged to a girl named Gala. At the same time, he and Patricio are both falling in love with Luciana. Her heart, however, will always belong to Rodrigo.

The continuously changing romantic relationships, adulterers, and other scandals keep the drama in this show at a very high level. However, it is the chemistry between the characters and the two main love interests, Luciana and Rodrigo, that everyone cannot help but falling in love with. Plenty of new characters will be introduced and the plots are always kept fresh and interesting, so there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back to this terrific telenovela. It really is the best that Mexican television has to offer.

1 Season, 130 Episodes - Canceled
February 6, 2012
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Un Refugio Para El Amor Full Episode Guide

  • Rodrigo se entera que Gala contrató una enfermera para que cuide a su hija, ya que ella no se har'á cargo de su bebé.

  • Roselena tendr'á una nueva oportunidad para deshacerse de una vez por todas del hijo de Luciana.

  • Patricio muere, Luciana y Rodrigo unen sus corazones en una ceremonia tarahumara y los villanos pagan por sus maldades.

  • Roselena le confiesa a Luciana que ella se robó a su bebé y se lo dio a Gala. Patricio visita a Mateo, se da cuenta que tiene puesta la medallita que él le regaló de bebé.

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