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Under the Dome is based upon the Stephen King novel of the same name. On a seemingly normal, gorgeous day in autumn, the small town of Chester's Mill mysteriously and suddenly became sealed off from the rest of the world by a massive, impenetrable dome. It caused a plane to crash into it and plummet in burning wreckage to the ground. A gardener's hand is severed and a cow is cut right in half as the dome comes down. Residents who are at work or running errands in the neighboring towns are left divided from their friends and family members, while some out-of-towners get trapped inside.

Dale Barbara, an Iraq veteran, teams up with a few fearless Chester's Mill citizens, including Julia Shumway the owner of the local newspaper, a physician's assistant, a police officer, and two brave kids, to keep the peace. Together they work to stand up to Big Jim Rennie, a politician who seeks to seize power and control of the town after the dome fall, while his son is hiding a terrible secret deep in a fallout shelter. Somehow, Big Jim is keeping his own dirty secret about his involvement in the dome becoming present.

The town turns its mission towards finding a way out from underneath the powerful force field. However, this causes one of the town favorites to unexpectedly die after their pacemaker explodes from their chest. As the town starts to panic, residents turn against one another, fighting for as many supplies as they can get their hands on. Water, gasoline, medicine, and food become the highest valuables, and people will stop at nothing to get them, even murder. But, their main adversary is the dome itself. No one can understand what the dome is, why it is there, or if it will ever be lifted.

Meanwhile, the two kids begin having inexplicable seizures, through which they reveal messages from the dome. Teaming together, the kids seek to uncover the mystery of the dome and act as an intermediary for the townspeople. As the people rush to save themselves, the dome fights back and becomes a bigger opponent than expected. But, time is short and it is running out quickly.

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Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on CBS
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Returning Series
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  • A possible exit from the Dome is found just as the walls begin closing in on those trapped in Chester's Mill.

  • The residents of Chester’s Mill are at risk of being crushed to death because a new threat from the Dome intensifies.

  • Sam and Rebecca jump into action when temperatures begin dropping in order to try and save Chester's Mill residents.

  • Jim finally finds out what happened to his wife, Pauline.

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