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The television series is about sting operations set up by various law enforcement agencies to make arrest of criminals who are dealing in illegal drugs, guns or other violations of the laws of the country. The series states that there are more than 40,000 elite law enforcement officers assigned to work the various sting operations used by the agencies around the country.

In episode six of season one they use a person who is called a confidential informant to arrange for different drug dealers to deliver drugs to her at a motel room. When she calls the dealers, she tells them that she has a broken foot and can not come to them and wants them to bring the drugs to the room for her. After the first dealer delivers the drugs, and starts to leave, the officers stop him and arrest him for delivering the drugs. She calls a second dealer but when he arrives, he is suspicious that something is wrong and does not want to come into the room. However, he drops the drugs on a sofa and as he turns to leave, he is arrested.

Another sting that is used is one where the agents have a list of people who have warrants issued because they have failed to make court appearances. The way the agents work this sting is by sending out letters to the people informing them they have won a prize and need to come to a certain place to collect their prize. When the people arrive they have to show some form of identification and then are taken to a room where there are several people. The people in the room is actually police cadets posing as winners. When the person walks up to collect their prize, they are arrested for the outstanding warrant that has been issued for them by the court.

Law enforcement agencies around the country use various methods to apprehend criminals.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
May 7, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Reality
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Undercover Stings Full Episode Guide

  • A cop manipulates a junkie into revealing a stash pad filled with pounds of weed. Two dealers rat out their suppliers in an effort to escape serving more time. Officers nab a hustler on the Vegas Strip.

  • A fake business is raided. Police catch a drug dealer and a prostitute.

  • Addicts are caught as they shop for meth ingredients. A pawnshop broker is caught buying stolen gold. A crack dealer is on the run.

  • A young couple is caught swapping stolen guns for pills. Police are lead to a crack dealers supply.

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