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Unique Eats, a show focused on food and the culinary genius of redcurrant owners and chefs has brought viewers five seasons worth of delightful, delectable, and sometimes, outright strange, eateries that speckle the landscape of the United States. This show, unlike other cooking shows, takes things to the extreme, and focuses their coverage on the more unique findings in the restaurant world. Traditional burger joints, or high-class French cuisine, is replaced with revolutionary ideas on the preparation, cooking and presentation of food.

Each, hour-long episode, of this show is segmented into four sections. Each section features a different eatery in the United States. Each restaurant featured in the episode gives viewers a glimpse into the eateries history, how the owners found their way into the food business, and the restaurants innovative take on fine dining. Some restaurants featured focus on how old classics can become new again with a bit of creativity, while others, focus on completely off-the-wall ideas that have taken hold in neighborhood dining establishments.

The show has featured creative eateries, such as a cereal-exclusive dining bar, or a food space entirely dedicated to the art of grilled cheese. The show focuses on how, with innovation, anything can become new and different. Each episode focuses on a genre of food, or a type of eating establishment, and the host visits dining establishments that fit into that category from coast-to-cost. For example, a recent episode focused on the wonder of fried food, with hosts visiting several restaurants who have made their name in creating crazy concoctions with deep fryers and batters of all types. Another episode, focused on the fine dining found in hotels and bed and breakfasts across the country.

With four featured restaurants per episode, hosts crisscross the nation, ending each episode with information about where to locate the establishments scene during the night's episode.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
6 Seasons, 78 Episodes - Currently Airing
May 31, 2010
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  • Celebrated chefs like Elizabeth Falkner are moving to Brooklyn to make their NYC debuts. Her pizzeria, Krescendo, has grabbed the entire pizza-crazy city's attention. Court Street Grocers takes on the deli sandwich.

  • Experience authentic global flavors right here in America.

  • Hot lunch spots in San Francisco, NYC and Portland, Oregon.

  • Taste everything on the menu in a small bite.

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