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The animated series Unsupervised takes the form of 30-minute episodes revolving around the fictional lives of Gary and Joel, two teenagers who have little to no parental influence on their lives. Unsupervised is a co-production between Floyd County Productions, RCG Productions and the FX Network, which airs the episodes. The voices of the main characters are provided by series creator David Hornsby, Justin Long and Kristen Bell; additional voices for guest and minor characters are often provided by members of FX network show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, another RCG Productions show.

Despite the lack of parental or adult influence on their lives, 15-year-olds Gary and Joel attempt to improve their lives through smartening themselves up and taking part in school activities. Their aims are not always right; for instance, episode three sees the teenagers attempt to find a rich husband for Gary's absentee stepmom to stop them from being poor. In another episode the pair attempt to improve their appearance to seem more grown up.

Both Gary and Joel are left unsupervised for the majority of their teenage years; Gary's father left his stepmom many years earlier and left his son with her despite her not caring what he does or who with. In contrast, Joel does have both his parents together in the family home; however, they are older parents who remain unseen by the viewers. The reasons for Gary and Joel's outrageous schemes are not always morally wrong, although their motives are sometimes incorrect. During the first season the teens obtain fake IDs to get money by giving blood at a local blood drive.

Unsupervised received poor reviews for the early episodes in the first season but slowly improved to positive reviews for the later episodes in the 11-episode season. A second season has been commissioned by the FX network.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on FX
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Returning Series
Adult Cartoon, Comedy
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  • The boys discover the true ugliness of death after they save Carol's ex, Reggie, from being buried in an unmarked grave and get stuck disposing of his body themselves.

  • When Joel's brother Brian gets out of prison, the boys get him a job as their High School head of security only to find out some people can never be reformed.

  • Gary and Joel learn the meaning of school pride when a turf war erupts with prep school kids over their prized food mart.

  • Gary and Joel get fake ID's so they can donate blood.

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