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This TV series is about important issues in the world that are important to our society. Just some of the topics that are discussed include the environment (global warming, pollution, extinction, etc.), drugs, globalization (its impact, what it means for both sides, pros and cons), and even conflicts in the world (wars, tensions, current political issues, how people feel and react to them).

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Current TV
6 Seasons, 60 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • Vanguard's "Two Americas" takes a ground-level survey of the growing economic disparity in America, profiling a month in the lives of two families in very different income brackets.

  • Christof Putzel travels coast to coast to investigate the bizarre range of marijuana laws and enforcement in America. In California, legalized medical marijuana has led to something of a free for all and the Feds are cracking down. In Colorado, medical marijuana is protected by the state constitution and millionaire entrepreneurs have set up shop. In New York City, African-American men are arrested by the tens of thousands for low-level pot possession.

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