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The show was about a group of space explorers who piloted a giant super robot, Voltron. One of the robot's weapons was a sword that appeared to be as long as a skyscraper. The sword was particularly handy against the enemies that the team of explorers faced. This show was sprung from a joint venture between Toei Animation and World Events Productions. The original TV series was in syndication and you got to see it from 1984 to 1985. People enjoyed this series so much that there was a follow-up series, many comic books and an one-hour special.

People got to enjoy it again by watching the show on DVD. Twenty years after the show, Australians got to see all episodes of the show on a DVD released by Madman Entertainment. Voltron was distributed as a DVD by Media Blasters in Region 1. Manga Entertainment released this show on DVD in England in 2007.

3 Seasons, 124 Episodes - Canceled
September 10, 1984
Animation & Cartoons
Voltron: Defender of the Universe
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Voltron: Defender of the Universe Full Episode Guide

  • Voltron continues the attack on Planet Doom with Merla's help. This time, Lotor is by her side, ready to take on his father and lead Voltron through Haggar's traps. Zarkon takes hostages and hides behind his slaves, but Lotor sees through the trick. Are Keith and the Voltron Force finally going to take out Zarkon, or is Lotor planning the biggest double cross yet?

  • All at once, Zarkon's countless slave planets begin revolting at the same time. The evil King's armies are spread thin, and the Alliance stages a major offensive. Princess Allura and the Voltron Force once again take the fight to Zarkon. Zarkon fights back by trying to sacrifice Prince Lotor, but Merla has a change of heart and protects him. Then she begs the Voltron Force tohelp her save Lotor from the Pit of Skulls.

  • To cure a sick townswoman, Allura searches for a flower that only blooms once every one thousand years. Haggar steals it to lead Voltron into a trap, but Sven takes things into his own hands. Before Kieth and the team arrives. He rounds up his band of freedom fighters and steals a skull tank, attacking Zarkon himself. Meanwhile, Lotor hatches a new plan to bring down his father with Merla's help.

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