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Series Length:4 Seasons, 125 Episodes
Network: Syndicated

The story revolves around five young space explorers who defend the planet Arus and the entire universe from evil King Zarkon ,ruler of Planet Doom ,his son Prince Lotor ,and Hagar ,evil witch. The series was produced by World Event Production ,and based on japanese series which was edited and dubbed to English by Mark Handler.

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Status: Ended
Rating: 8.6/10
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  • Drule saboteurs manage to disable Voltron's energy supplysystem, making it impossible to form the super robot. Theempire takes full advantage of this, sending a fleet to Earthto stage a direct attack on Galaxy Garrison high command!The Voltron Force can only watch helplessly as enemy shipsbombard Earth's surface directly. Carver's fleet rushes tohelp the Explorer, so the energy system can be repaired.

  • Voltron continues the attack on Planet Doom with Merla's help. This time, Lotor is by her side, ready to take on his father and lead Voltron through Haggar's traps. Zarkon takes hostages and hides behind his slaves, but Lotor sees through the trick. Are Keith and the Voltron Force finally going to take out Zarkon, or is Lotor planning the biggest double cross yet?

  • All at once, Zarkon's countless slave planets begin revolting at the same time. The evil King's armies are spread thin, and the Alliance stages a major offensive. Princess Allura and the Voltron Force once again take the fight to Zarkon. Zarkon fights back by trying to sacrifice Prince Lotor, but Merla has a change of heart and protects him. Then she begs the Voltron Force tohelp her save Lotor from the Pit of Skulls.

  • The Muses of Norn escape from Merla and reach Galaxy Garrison safely. Not only that, but they've managed to bring Merla herself as a prisoner. They'll only turn her over to a high ranking official, so Prince Bandor goes. Then Queen Merla springs her trap with the help of Lotor. The Voltron Force must rescue Bandor while fighting two evil star fleets at once.

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