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Wakebrothers is a reality television show on MTV that follows two brothers, Phil and Bob Soven. Each episode is half an hour. Phil and Bob are professional wakeboarders living in Orlando, FL and the series follows them around as they compete in competitions. The series also shows a humorous side to the brothers' private life as they deal with the tension of being family and competitors in the same sport.

There is tension and sibling rivalry with most pairs of siblings but Phil and Bob take it to a whole other level. The two brothers could not be more different. They share the same wakeboarding passion and ability but that is where the similarities end. The two brothers could not be more different. Phil is the older brother and the more serious and driven of the two. He gets angry very easily and Bob loves to try and play pranks on him to get him to show his irritation. Bob is the younger brother. He is a lovable prankster and likes to try and get girls to call him by his nickname, Matador.

The show relies on the up and down relationship between the brothers for a lot of comedic relief. Some of the episodes are entirely devoted to wakeboarding events and the other episodes are devoted to the routine, daily lives of the brothers and the adventures they have.

The boys experience a lot of drama in their wakeboarding careers. Phil is currently a lot higher on the leader board than Bob. Bob has also recently suffered a knee injury and is taking some time to recuperate. This also leads to some tension between the brothers. Bob has such a wild personality that being out of commission with his injury is incredibly difficult for him. As the older, more mature brother, the series shows how Phil tries to help Bob in dealing with his injury.

1 Season, 12 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 25, 2012
Reality, Sports
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WakeBrothers Full Episode Guide

  • The guys travel to Ft. Worth, TX for a King of Wake tour stop. Even though Bob can't compete, he's determined to get attention for his crazy antics, including throwing Phil a birthday party he'll never forget.

  • After Bob has surgery, he decides to call in a spirit lady to help him heal. Meanwhile, Phil works hard to maintain his leadership in the standings.

  • Phil and Bob's grandma comes to visit, so the boys decide to accomodate her active lifestyle. Meanwhile, Bob hopes that she and Phil will give their stamp of approve of Alexa.

  • Bob and Alexa celebrate their official relationship status by hosting a dating party.

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