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"No Matter How I Look at It, It

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July 8, 2013
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WataMote Full Episode Guide

  • Kuroki is determined to make something of her school year, hatching one final plan to grab people's attention. Later, she summons up all her courage to talk to Imae-san, the student council president.

  • Kuroki puts extra effort into trying to do the least amount of work at the school festival. Later, her friend Yuu visits and Kuroki gets an unexpected surprise.

  • A new term brings about new seat assignments, and guess where Kuroki's moved to? Later, Tomoko steels her resolve and attempts to create a "Daily Life" Club.

  • Kuroki's summer is almost over, but she still has time to work at a cake shop, reminisce about childhood, and take in a metor shower.

  • Kuroki's cousin Kii-chan is coming over to visit, so Kuroki must bitch herself up to show Kii-chan that she's cool!

  • Summer break is here, but Kuroki has no idea what to do. Later, she meets a male idol and has a few lines for him to say...

  • Kuroki discovers that playing H-games makes her cuter. Later, she mounts a desperate search to find someone to go see the fireworks with.

  • Kuroki decides that the secret to being popular is to be shy and quiet. Later, she trains to become a cabaret girl.

  • Kuroki wonders why she STILL hasn't been molested on the train. Later, she asks her BFF Yu to help her buy cute panties.

  • An afternoon downpour further sours Kuroki's day, and her scheme to catch her brother's cold goes awry.

  • Kuroki's middle school friend wants to hang out, and in a mad dash to find things to gloat about, Kuroki forgets what true friendship is about.

  • In Kuroki's own mind she is the most interesting and beautiful girl there is but in reality, she's just a shy girl with a bit of a mean streak.

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