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We Got Married is a South Korean reality television show produced by Korean producers Im Jeong Ah and Jeon Seong Ho. On the show Korean celebrities are paired up with one another, each pair consisting of one guy and one girl. The couples are meant to simulate what it would be like if the two were a married couple. When a couple has their first encounter with each other it is quite evident that they are not very comfortable around one another being that this is technically the first time they have met one another. Gradually the couples begin to act more natural around one another as they become more familiar with their spouse.

The show features well-known Korean idols such as actor-singer Alex Chu, actress and model Shin Ae, rapper and actor Lee Sun-ho (also referred to as Andy), actress and singer Sol Bi, and numerous others. From time to time one can expect special guest appearances from the members of various South Korean singing groups including Super Junior, SHINee, and more. Each and every week each set of couples is given a set of missions and tasks to complete together. Like in most reality television shows, there are short moments in between scenes where individual participants are somewhat interviewed and asked questions.

Questions range from how they feel about there partner, what they do or do not like about their partner, as well as various other related questions. During this time the participants also express their own viewpoints on the relationship as a whole including its conflicts and developments. Each individuals' partner is not present during these moments so that they can respond to each question truthfully and honestly, without being influenced by their partner's presence.

All interactions between the participants are filmed and later watched by all the couples, hosts, as well as a very lively studio audience. Couples are added to the show from time to time and those couples which last the longest on the show often include those most favored by the fans. When it is all over each member privately decides whether or not they would remain with their spouse and why. Although the show is based in South Korea, English subtitles are available to anyone interested in viewing.

MBC America
1 Season, 15 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 7, 2013
Korean Drama, Reality
We Got Married
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We Got Married Full Episode Guide

  • Hongki and Mina go out on their last meal and Taec and Emma go out on their final adventure trip on their last episode.

  • Emma surprises Taec with a performance of their couple song while Hongki and Mina go out for a night in town.

  • Hongki and Mina go out on dates that highlight each other's favorite hobbies while Taec and Emma go out on a date to the amusement park.

  • On this episode Mina supports Hongki as he presents his role in a new movie while Taec and Emma write a love song.

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