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Web soup is a weekly show that displays and discusses online viral videos hosted by Chris Hardwick. Its considered a spin off to E! Entertainments popular television show, "the soup." Web soup is composed of a half hour long skits. They display the best and worst fails on the internet, for all of it's viewers to laugh or be awed. It's hosted on G4 in the United States. Hardwick cracks jokes and gives the best commentary throughout the whole show. He separates the show into segments, naming them with kooky titles such as, "Things you can't un-see" and "The Daily Upload."

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on G4
3 Seasons, 43 Episodes - Canceled
June 7, 2009
Science & Technology
Web Soup
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  • Web Soup says goodbye to Season 3 with a song, a sweet montage and a slew of sassy kicks to the stick. Thanks for watching, kids! Watch those gonads.

  • From Keyboard Cat to Nyan Cat, from Rage Comics to Three Wolf Moon, everything you liked or used to like on the Internet came directly from the mind and body of Fred Willard, so send him money.

  • First there was TAZE Original, TAZE Ultra and then Maximum TAZE Energy Drink and now there's TAZE Energy Suppository Grenade! Pull the pin and shove it in!

Web Soup News

Chris Hardwick Developing Nerdist TV Show for BBC America, Hosting 'Ministry of Laughs'

Those familiar with nerd culture know who Chris Hardwick is. He's the guy who hosts "Web Soup" and makes appearances on "Attack of the Show" on the G4 channel, he's one half of the musical comedy group Hard n' Phirm, and he's the guy who has the top-rated comedy podcast on iTunes, "The Nerdist Podcast." Those not familiar with nerd culture know who Hardwick is, too.

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