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What I Like About You is a sitcom about sisters Holly and Valerie Tyler - played by Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth - living the life in their New York apartment. Despite being sisters, the two girls are as different as night and day. Part of these differences stem from the age difference between the two. In the pilot episode, Valerie is shown to be an adult who has her own apartment while teenage Holly still lives at home with their father. Holly is upset to learn that her father has been offered a promotion at his job which requires him to move to Japan. Not wanting to uproot her entire life Holly convinces her father to let her move in with her sister Valerie - Val for short.

Val and Holly are close as sisters even though their personalities and lifestyles are often at opposite ends of the spectrum. Holly is bold and fearless and tends to jump into situations feet first without looking to see where she is going. Val is decidedly more reserved and overly-cautious, often becoming wildly stressed out over Holly's reckless behavior.

As Holly gets older, she matures significantly and becomes more cautious while helping Val to come out of her shell and spread her wings a bit more. As Holly grows up and Val loosens up somewhat they find that it is nice to have each other around to depend on. Val even discovers that life can be fun and maybe her little sister has something to teach her.

Holly has two best friends, Gary and Tina, who are usually seen either helping her get into trouble or helping her get out of it. Holly goes through many of the usual teenage problems throughout the course of the series, including boyfriends, school, job and friend issues. Val also goes through many of the same adventures and mishaps with regards to job and boyfriends. The sisters discover that they are more alike than they originally thought, and even as they grow up together and begin to grow apart again they will always have each other.

The WB
4 Seasons, 86 Episodes - Canceled
September 20, 2002
Comedy, Drama
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  • The day before the wedding, Lauren treats Val, Holly and Tina to a spa day to celebrate the big event. Upset over Vince's decision to move to Chicago, Holly has yet to learn that Vince finally realizes that his co-worker has feelings for him.

  • Val and Vic plan to finally consummate their relationship, but a romantic evening is ruined when Holly, upset by Vince, turns to Val for comfort. In order to get away, Val leaves Lauren in charge of Holly, but the two of them end up behind bars. Meanwhile, Vince accepts a new job in Chicago.

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