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This is a show that explores crop circles across the country. Follow along with several hosts who look at people who believe in the phenomena. Discover the variations in the circles, and some of the suggestions being made about how they are made. Suzanne Taylor speaks with those in a community that includes artists, philosophers, scientists and even religious experts who have all been touched by the circles. Do they mean something, and if so, what do they mean? Taylor talks to these experts in England as they look at stunning images of the circles. The show has some evidence that maybe the circles have been created by other life forms. There are questions asked about whether people can accept the fact that crop circles are made from extraterrestrial beings. It includes scientific material as well as some theological approaches to how the circles occur.

Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Science Channel
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes - Currently Airing
Documentary & Biography
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  • Mysterious sightings in the Bermuda Triangle that could solve an age-old legend; a huge tsunami is heading straight for Hong Kong, then suddenly disappears.

  • An odd structure that could be the lost tomb of Genghis Khan; mysterious dead patches in the desert that science can't explain; eerie sights in one of the world's oldest and strangest lakes.

  • Satellites find a great scar in the desert, it might be the key to finding the last wonder of the ancient world; Clues to the location of infamous City of Gold, El Dorado.

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