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Whisker Wars is an independent reality television series that first premiered in 2011 on the Independent Film Channel. Whisker Wars documents the world of competitive facial hair cultivation. The premiere competition featured in the series is the World Beard and Mustache Championships which has regional competitions around the world every year, and a world competition every two years. The competition has many categories for men to display their unique facial hair styles and compete for world titles.

There are three main divisions of facial hair that the competition judges on: mustaches, partial beards, and full beards. In each division, there are individual categories, including natural mustache, English mustache, Dali mustache, Imperial mustache and Hungarian mustache in the mustache division; Natural Goatee, Chinese style, Musketeer style, Imperial style, Sideburns freestyle, and Alaskan Whaler style in the partial beard division; and Verdi style, Garibaldi style, Natural Full beard, Natural Full beard with Styled mustache, and Full beard freestyle in the full beard division.

These diverse beard styles are showcased and explained in the show. Jack Passion, Bill Mitchell, Aarne Bielefeldt, Myk O'Connor and Phil Olsen star in Whisker Wars and make it their personal mission to educate the public about these diverse facial hair styles and advocate for unique expression through facial hair. Different episodes follow different beard-centered activities in the guys' lives, following their lives at home and on the road as they participate in events across the United States to promote facial hair and work at home cultivate their own unique styles.

Jack Passion stars in the most episodes. Jack Passion is a musician, author, and entrepreneur who famously won the World Beard and Mustache Championships at the young age of twenty three. Passion also wrote a book called the Facial Hair Handbook. Whisker Wars is currently in its second season of production. Although, Whisker Wars is a reality show, it is often filmed in the style of a documentary.

Friday 11:00 PM et/pt on IFC
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Whisker Wars
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Whisker Wars Full Episode Guide

  • The Americans head to Bad Schussenried, Germany, for the International Beard and Moustache Championships.

  • The final American stop on the circuit is held in Philadelphia for the East Coast Beard and Moustache Championships.

  • Conspicuously omitted from the Full Beard finalists at the New York Beard and Mustache Championships, Jack Passion heads to Portland seeking revenge. Freestyle sees the sudden and surprising emergence of a new contender, even as perennial finalist John Buckler attempts to extend his lead in the category's medal count.

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