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Murder and abuse bonds lovers, friends and family in the ID Discovery Channel's show Wicked Attraction. The show documents true-life crime cases that occurred in recent decades and re-enacts actual events of heinous crimes. The dramatization pulls the viewer into these creepy stories of sex, corruption and in some cases, betrayal.

Wicked Attraction episodes showcase the crimes from different points of view. Events are described and commented on by actual individuals involved in the crimes, including the accused murderers, lawyers and psychologists. Friends and family members also provide a narrative from their perspective. On a limited basis, victims who have survived hellish ordeals also provide detailed interviews.

The stories begin with a background on how the two sinister individuals met and transitions into how the twisted union progressed. Many plot points in the episodes include money for murder, kidnapping, and thrill killing. Psychologists' commentary includes explanations of mental disorders that contribute to the bizarre behaviors that are displayed by the murder suspects. The doctors offer up the reasons that bond the killers.

FBI profilers deliver insight into the killers' motives and embellish on points that helped law enforcement solve the case. Authors who have written books on many of the cases in the episodes of Wicked Attraction are on hand to share their knowledge of the events. The convicted criminals give their accounts from behind bars. The standpoint of all the contributors makes each episode of Wicked Attraction rich and well rounded.

When the murders are caught, betrayals occur. Quite often, the pair of criminals place blame on each other for their unspeakable acts. Parts of the trial are a fragment of the show. Lawyers for both defense and prosecution provide crucial information regarding the evidence for each side. The story concludes by discussing the outcome of the trial and jail sentencing for the partners in crime. Episodes of Wicked Attraction can be watched on the ID Discovery Channel.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
6 Seasons, 80 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 7, 2008
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  • Suburban housewife Dawn Fowler is overwhelmed by her crippled husband, Richard. Making up false tales of Richard's "╦ťabuse', Dawn plots to seduce a youth pastor, Robert Heydman, and convince him to kill her husband and free her from his reign of terror.

  • Bored and rich, Alabama teen Nathan Lee pairs up with the local loser, Troy Smiley, to hunt the unexpected - humans! But when the pair kills a young friend, Blake Stone, they turn the tables and convince police that Blake's step-mom is the murderer.

  • Mother and daughter Sherrie and Dianne Dicus team up with 19-year-old Steven Wesolek, and instantly bond over drug and sex in the hot Florida swamplands. The trio choose a deadly violent path to escape their pasts.

  • In November 2009, Bo McNeely hitches a ride with C.J. Harvey at a truck stop. The two instantly become friends. But when Harvey takes Bo home to his wife and their four boys, Bo steps into a meth den and the danger that surrounds it.

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