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Wicked Tuna is a ten episode reality television show produced by the National Geographic Channel. The show focuses on a group of fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts. These fishermen specialize in catching bluefin tuna. Catching bluefin tuna is extremely profitable - if you can find the fish, that is; bluefin tuna are getting harder and harder to find these days thanks to overfishing. With a single fish fetching $10,000 or more on the market, it's not hard to understand why bluefin tuna are being overfished in several places around the world.

Wicked Tuna differs from other reality shows in that it does not promote competition. The show does not reward the fishermen who catch the most fish or encourage the fishermen to compete with each other. Rather, Wicked Tuna is more interested in portraying what it's like to live at sea and raising awareness about the future of the bluefin tuna.

The show does a good job of balancing adrenaline filled moments with quiet and introspective ones, and over the course of the series, you really get a feel for five fishing crews featured in the show: the crews of, the Bounty Hunter, the Odysea, the Christina and the Hard Merchandise. You'll learn a lot about sustainable fishing while watching Wicked Tuna; some of the fishermen deliberately joined the show in an attempt to dispel negative stereotypes of fishermen so focused on the almighty dollar that they don't care about the impact their fishing has on the environment.

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Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic Channel
4 Seasons, 50 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • It's week nine and Captain Paul Herbert, of Kelly Ann, is struggling to prove himself.

  • It's the midway point of fishing and the crews are either digging deep or crumbling from the grind.

  • The captains are running out of time with the season coming to a close soon, so they must decide to make the long haul north to Maine waters, where the fish are biting, or take their chances closer to home.

  • The fleet's underdogs struggle to turn around their seasons and a new team joins the competition.

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