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Wicked Tuna is a ten episode reality television show produced by the National Geographic Channel. The show focuses on a group of fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts. These fishermen specialize in catching bluefin tuna. Catching bluefin tuna is extremely profitable

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
5 Seasons, 72 Episodes
April 1, 2012
Action & Adventure, Sports
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Wicked Tuna Full Episode Guide

  • The race wraps up with one remaining catch during the final week of the season.

  • A thin line separates the top four boats with only two weeks remaining in the season.

  • The captains fight for the last tuna of the season.

  • A surprising opponent emerges within the last four weeks of the tuna season.

  • Two leaders proceed to a very big haul offshore on Georges Bank.

  • The leaders choose to take a trip to increase their chances or come back empty-handed.

  • Crews unite or fall apart during the middle point of the tuna season.

  • Paul's luck is improving while Pete observes some shortcomings in his daughter.

  • Dave assists Paul after he loses his team.

  • The fishermen start to question the season after a series of mishaps harm their take in.

  • talks to last season's winner, Hard Merchandise. Sparks fly between the crew members on the Wicked Pissah.

  • Captain Marciano sees a change of luck. Also, an alliance is tested between two captains.

  • Paul runs his own ship. Elsewhere, two captains come to a truce.

  • In the season 5 premiere, a new boat and team joins the group while old rivalries continue to boil.

  • With a few days remaining in the season, Captain Dave Carraro is desperate to repeat last year's win.

  • In the final week of the bluefin season, Capt. Dave Marciano tries to keep his lead.

  • The top four crews are in a tight race with less than two weeks left of the bluefin tuna season.

  • With only three weeks left to fish, every Gloucester captain is desperate to stack the deck with bluefin and earn some final paychecks before the season closes.

  • One captain's decision to withhold information severs ties with an important ally.

  • Bad luck, bait problems and big egos plague the Gloucester fleet.

  • It's the beginning of week 10 of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season in Gloucester, Massachusetts. With only six weeks of fishing left, the competition is heating up, driving captains to push themselves and their crews to the brink.

  • It's week nine and Captain Paul Herbert, of Kelly Ann, is struggling to prove himself.

  • It's the midway point of fishing and the crews are either digging deep or crumbling from the grind.

  • The captains are running out of time with the season coming to a close soon, so they must decide to make the long haul north to Maine waters, where the fish are biting, or take their chances closer to home.

  • The fleet's underdogs struggle to turn around their seasons and a new team joins the competition.

  • It's week five of Gloucester's bluefin tuna fishing season, and when a sudden storm engulfs the fleet, each captain must decide if the risk of staying out on the water is worth the reward of catching more tuna.

  • It's week four of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season and Captain Paul Herbert fights to put his first tuna of the season on deck. Captain Greg Chorebanian and first mate Greg Gibbs of the harpoon boat Kristiana steam into Gloucester on a mission: to take down rival Captain Hollywood.

  • Captain TJ Ott is determined to reel in more fish, but runs into trouble.

  • Captain Tyler McLaughlin is ready to beat Captain Dave Carraro.

  • It's opening day for bluefin season, and all captains in Gloucester want to bring in the first catch.

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