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Series Length:3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
Schedule: Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on NickToons

The television series entitled Wild Grinders is centered on the adventures of Lil'Rob and his friends. Lil'Rob is a young boy in his teens who is very strong and energetic and enjoys skating a lot. He is the main character of the series and also the leader of a group of young people who call themselves the Wild Grinders. He likes to engage in pleasurable and exciting experiences as a way of relaxing his mind and body. Most often he teases his older sister Denise and also plays practical jokes on her. He also likes going out with Meaty in search of great skating sites and enjoys great skating experiences.

Meaty is Lil'Rob's closest friend and confidante and accompanies him wherever he is going. Most often he gets Lil'Rob into trouble and sometimes he also helps him come out of trouble by defending him. He is always ready to assist the Wild Grinders and provide them with comic relief to relax their minds.

Goggles Lil'Rob's is also a very good friend of Lil'Rob. He is also a member of the Wild Grinders group and serves as the videographer who records and video tapes all adventures of the group. Sometimes he gets very excited about the happenings around him that he forgets to record them. He also provides technical knowledge to his friends due to his technical expertise especially to the leader Lil'Rob when the need arises.

Emo is the most susceptible member of the group as he takes note of the least details and is very caring. He is also the most humorous and exhibits a great deal of sarcasm. Jay Jay is the most fashionable and pretends to be calm and quiet while with his friends but when with his parents he is very rude and unruly. The other Wild Grinders include Jack Knife the most loyal member, Spitball and Flipz the only lady in the group.

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Status: Currently Airing
Rating: 6/10
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  • Lil Rob has a hidden agenda when he agrees to a play date with Stubford.

  • Wild Grinders is an animated comedy about quick-thinking skater kid LIL ROB, his right hand dog MEATY, his best friend GOGGLES, and their middle school skate crew - The Wild Grinders.

  • Meaty accidentally destroys Lil Rob's new board and then fibs about it; Goggles creates 'Smart Asphalt' for improved skating.

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