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Series Length:6 Seasons, 85 Episodes
Network: Nickelodeon

The Winx Club takes place following a young girl named Bloom. Bloom finds out that she is a magical fairy princess and has many adventures both on earth and in a Magical dimension. Although Bloom discovers she's some sort of fairy princess she does not recall anything from her past including, her home, or her birth parents. Her friends Flora, Tecna, Stella, Musa and Aisha all help throughout battles against evil and discovering secrets that lead to her past life. As they progress towards the truth of her past they discover powerful and evolved fairy forms.

Bloom first discovers her fairy powers while on earth. She finds Stella, the princess from Solaria and helps her. She discovers her fairy powers are no longer dormant when she attacks a ogre. Stella notices that Bloom has fairy powers and urges her to attend Alfea the magical college for fairies in the magical dimension. Bloom agrees to go with her and leaves her parents and Gardenia behind.

While at Alfea Bloom makes a club called the Winx Club with her friends and roommates Flora, Tecna, Stella, Musa and Aisha. They befriend later on a group of boys who end up becoming the girls' love interest and finding their nemeses who are three witches who call themselves Trix. Trix includes, Icy, Stormy and Darcy who are from another college for dark magic and witches called the Cloud Tower. They are in search of unlimited power from the Dragon Fire which is at first thought to be in Stella's Ring but later on they find out that Bloom's source of power comes from the dragon fire and try to steal it from her.

At the end of the first season Bloom begins to learn many things about her past, her home, and her parents once the fairies of Alfea and the witches of cloud tower team up to defeat Trix. There are currently 5 seasons of the show that have been running.

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  • Aisha and Stella work together to earn their new Bloomix Power. The Winx and Daphne tour the Golden Auditorium where they run into a group of not-so-melodic sprites!

  • The Winx prepare everyone for a fight without powers

  • The Winx go to Lynphea College.

  • The fairies and Alfea celebrate Faragonda's birthday.

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