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The television series entitled Witchblade: The Animated Series is about the adventures of Masane as a witchblade bearer. Due to men's greed since the dawn of humanity, the witchblade is now under the control of women. A new woman, Masane Amaha, has now been selected to bear the witchblade. She now faces destiny and needs to strike a balance between ecstasy and destruction.

Masane is a very kind lady who is always very helpful to all the people she comes across. She is however very awkward and clumsy when it comes to managing her house. She also behaves and dresses like a tomboy. She suffers from temporal amnesia after she lost her memory during an earthquake. After the earthquake she was discovered carrying a baby who she considers as her daughter and after six years she took the child to Tokyo. She returns to Tokyo as a single mother and has no job or source of income to take care of her daughter Rihoko. The child support department tries to take Rihoko from her because they believe she is not capable to take care of her, but she resists them. However, at the end of the series it is revealed that Masane is not Rihoko's biological mother.

After Masane returns to Tokyo she discovers a strange structure on her wrist which she later finds out to be the witchblade. She tries to take it out but does not succeed and forcefully has to assume her responsibilities as the new bearer of the witchblade. At the end she choses to die to protect Rihoko from inheriting the witchblade.

Rihoko is Masane's daughter. She is also known by her friends as Riko. She acts very mature and takes good care of her mother Masane who is not very responsible as an adult. Riko does all the house chores such as cooking, cleaning and washing. She later finds out that her real mother is Reina and her father is Takayama.

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1 Season, 24 Episodes - Ended
Anime, Action & Adventure
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Witchblade: The Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • The final battle between the Witchblade and the Cloneblades erupts! Consumed with madness, Maria leads her Sisters into a clash with Masane. High atop Tokyo Tower, all will face their destiny.

  • Masane and her allies prepare for battle. As three twisted Cloneblades move to take the Witchblade by force, thousands of I-Weapons approach to violently complicate matters.

  • A tender moment between Masane and Rihoko is interrupted by attacking X-Cons. Meanwhile, Maria's chosen the next Sister to take on the Witchblade, and theres even more trouble approaching from offshore.

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