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Wolfblood is a British television series with supernatural and fantasy elements. Its intended audience are teenagers and young adults, and it is produced by CBBC and ZDF/ZDFE. The show's main characters are Maggy Smith, played by Aimee Kelly, and Rhydian Morris, played by Bobby Lockwood. Maggy and Rhydian are teenagers who attend the same school, and they both share a deep and disturbing secret: they are wolfbloods.

A wolfblood is a person with supernatural abilities akin to wolves, but what those abilities are, how they control them, and their limitations are all mysteries within the show. Maggy?s parents are residents of an old home at the edge of town while Rhydian is an orphan who has lived with foster parents and in orphanages his entire life. Maggy?s family encourages the two teenagers to take control of their budding powers, and eventually Rhydian is welcomed as a distant cousin.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on Disney
1 Season, 13 Episodes - New Series
Children, Horror & Suspense
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Wolfblood Full Episode Guide

  • Shannon is concerned about the wolves and their safety now that everyone knows of their existence. She decides to inform the Department of the Environment so they can protect the wolves.

  • Rhydian shows off his Eolas powers in school. Maddy can’t understand how he is doing it, as the tricks go far beyond his wolfblood senses and speed.

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