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Wolfblood is a British television series with supernatural and fantasy elements. Its intended audience are teenagers and young adults, and it is produced by CBBC and ZDF/ZDFE. The show's main characters are Maggy Smith, played by Aimee Kelly, and Rhydian Morris, played by Bobby Lockwood. Maggy and Rhydian are teenagers who attend the same school, and they both share a deep and disturbing secret: they are wolfbloods.

A wolfblood is a person with supernatural abilities akin to wolves, but what those abilities are, how they control them, and their limitations are all mysteries within the show. Maggy?s parents are residents of an old home at the edge of town while Rhydian is an orphan who has lived with foster parents and in orphanages his entire life. Maggy?s family encourages the two teenagers to take control of their budding powers, and eventually Rhydian is welcomed as a distant cousin.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on Disney
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - New Series
Children, Horror & Suspense
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Wolfblood Full Episode Guide

  • It's the day of the full moon and Liam returns to school after his ep 10 trauma. Maddy and Rhydian aren't there. They are fleeing for their lives from Alric who is out for revenge. Maddy tricks Alric into using Eolas under the electric power lines and she and Rhydian escape back to school where oral exams are taking place in the hall. Liam persuades Sam and Jimi to go back with him to the tunnels, convinced the werewolf will be out that night. During break, Alric marches into school in full view. Rhydian and Maddy flee to the woods, anxious to draw Alric away from humans in case he wolfs out. Jeffries calls the police. By the river, Alric takes Maddy hostage. She tells him he only has himself to blame for losing his daughter. Alric breaks down - a broken man who has lost everything. Rhydian now empathises with Alric and later tracks him to Jana's caravan where they make their peace. Alric goes, healed, while Rhydian heads back to spend the full moon in the den with the pack he loves. However, Liam Jimi and Sam are in the tunnels getting lost. They hear wolf howls and scrape away at the cave wall to discover it is loose. They peer through the gap into the den. Liam uses his phone to take a picture just as wolf suddenly appears to snap at his hand. The lads flee, terrified.

  • The day before school Parents' Evening, Ceri shows up at the caravan with extraordinary news. Alric has been exiled from the pack making Jana the new Alpha. If Jana doesn't take charge the pack will destroy itself as betas fight for control. Jana resolves to fulfil her destiny but wants to change the pack's prejudices and hatred for tames and humans, so she orders Ceri to assume the role of pretending to be her mother for parents evening. Ceri stays at Maddy's that night and, after a big row, tells Rhydian she thinks Jana is a foolish young cub and that she's only agreed to do this so Rhydian will come back with them and one day lead the wild pack himself. A talk with Emma makes her think twice, however, and her experiences at parents evening makes Ceri change her mind about Jana. Having bonded with Rhydian's foster mum, she in turn vows to be a surrogate mum to Jana. Rhydian has a choice to make and resolves to stay with Maddy. Ceri and Jana accept his decision without rancour and leave together - Maddy, Rhydian, Tom and Shannon seeing them off.

  • On an orienteering trip with the school Liam finds that the group is close to the field where his ancestor killed a wolfblood - or werewolf as he believes. Maddy discovers the ancestor's diary and learns where the wolf's lair is and so she and Rhydian join Liam's group in an effort to stop him finding it. In fact they discover it but Liam falls into the pit and Maddy has to momentarily turn into a wolf in order to climb through a passage to free him before Rhydian summons help. However nobody believes Liam when he claims to have seen a werewolf.

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