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Wolf's Rain is an anime series created by Keiko Nobumoto. It is about a group of wolves in a post-apocalyptic world who seek to fulfill a prophecy about the end of the world bringing about paradise. The series was well-received both in Japan and in North America. Critics praised its unique setting and art, its background music and the realism of its main characters.

In a world where wolves are believed to have been hunted to extinction centuries ago, they have adapted to survive among humans. They can cast an illusion that makes humans perceive them as fellow people, when in fact they are existing as wolves. The main character, a white wolf named Kiba, finds his way to a place called Freeze City in order to fulfill a prophecy. The prophecy is that when the end of the world is near, only wolves will be able to find the entrance to paradise. Knowing that the prophecy has some sort of connection to something called the Lunar Flower, Kiba follows its scent.

His search leads him to find an artificial human named Cheza, who was once the Lunar Flower but had been transfigured into a human via alchemy. Along the way he meets a handful of other wolves, and they all take it upon themselves to protect Cheza as the key to opening paradise. Of course, things are made more complicated as the wolves are pursued by a number of antagonists. They are hunted by a man from a line of wolf hunters, and they are attacked frequently by an army led by the main antagonist, Count Darcia.

And when Darcia steals the flower girl from her lab, it is up to Kiba to keep his pack of lone wolves together in order to find her again and then keep her safe. Pursued relentlessly by the hunter and Darcia's army, it quickly becomes clear that the odds are stacked against them. But only the wolves can find paradise.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes - Ended
April 24, 2004
Animation & Cartoons, Action & Adventure
Wolf's Rain
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Wolf's Rain Full Episode Guide

  • The wolves have finally reached the door to Paradise, but something is afoot.

  • They continue their ascent of the mountain whose summit hold's the doors to Paradise.

  • Quent awakens from his previous head trauma, and is surprised to see the wolves.

  • The world has begun an unstable rebirth cycle and Kiba and Cheza must reach Paradise before it's too late.

  • Two hundred years have passed since the day of destruction caused by Darcia the First.

  • Tsume is attempting to get out of his cell as Hubb wakes up.

  • Hige collapses in pain as two guards approach, but they just confirm that he is number 23 and leave him alone.

  • Cher and Blue make it to the Jaguara's city.

  • Quent is in a transport with other refugees.

  • The pack runs towards a battle. They watch as Jaguara's men attack, then attack Jaguara's troops.

  • Kiba dreams of Cheza and his friends. He awakens and an owl appears.

  • Kiba tries to rescue Cheza, but fails to make it aboard Darcia's ship.

  • The story thus far from from Hubb's point of view.

  • The story thus far from Hige's point of view.

  • The story thus far from Toboe's point of view.

  • The story thus far from Tsume's Point of View.

  • There's a blizzard, and the wolves want to wait it out.

  • Hubb barters for a car and enough gas to get to the next town.

  • Darcia brings Cheza back to the castle and finds Neze, his servant, impaled on the door of Hamona's chamber.

  • Cher's soldiers search Cheza and the wolves.

  • The town is surrounded by soldiers and the pack needs to quickly find an escape route before it's too late.

  • The Investigation team continues to look for the Flower Maiden and the wolves.

  • The pack uses a tunnel to leave the rotten city and head to the direction of Paradise.

  • A cocky attitude and an impudent comment made by Kiba to the older wolves start a fight, and Kiba gets badly injured.

  • As the pack moves forward in the search for Paradise, they find a road that leads to a city in the middle of the ocean, and they become excited, thinking they have found Paradise!

  • The four wolves safely escape from the city and begin their journey to Paradise.

  • Cheza, the Flower Maiden, is taken away by a mysterious figure called Darcia, and with her; he vanishes into a bright light in front of Kiba and Hige.

  • A young wolf named Toboe struggles to find food in the city.

  • Kiba, a wolf who has great pride in his true form as a wolf, is on a journey to find Paradise.

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