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The "World's Strictest Parents" is a television show on CMT (Country Music Channel) that takes misbehaving, out of control teens from their parent's homes and out of their comfort zone and places them in a home with strict moral and ethical standards. During the week they spend in their new homes, they are forced to abide by the rules of an unfamiliar and very strict household, living with parents that have high expectations in school, work and community service. Often times the teens are quite resistant to making positive changes in their lives, but as the week progresses, many of them start to shed their thick skin and warm up to the idea of respect and responsibility.

While living in their new homes, the teens are forced to work hard in the family business, participate in community service activities and learn to speak and act respectively towards their elders. They are often confronted with difficult and emotional conversations by their new parents in an attempt to get to the root of their problems and discover why it is they are acting out. Although some teens are extremely difficult to get through to, the patience and persistence of the new parents almost always enables them to get the teens to open up and share their true feelings and the struggles they are going through. The teens are given time to self reflect and reconsider their behavior and the pain they are inflicting on their parents and the rest of their family.

As the show concludes the teens have what is often a very emotional reunion with their parents when they arrive to pick them up. Both sets of parents sit down with the teens and have a brutally honest and open conversation about the past week's experiences and offer suggestions to both the parents and the child to help them live more harmoniously once they get back home.

Electing to be a participant on the "World's Strictest Parents" is a last ditch effort for parents desperate to get their teenage children back in line and behaving like responsible young adults. The show seems to have a genuinely positive effect on all parties involved.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on CMT
2 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Canceled
April 18, 2009
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  • The Fishers are a family of nine with children ages 5-17. Rose Mary and Rick are ultra organized, resilient, and demand respect in their home. They decide to take in two party girls to teach them a few life lessons.

  • Ken and Mary Jo Illig are the parents to four children and have fostered many other children. They believe that being honest, level-headed and consistent is the best approach to parenting. They also lead by example. They decide to take in two unruly teenagers to stay with them and to live by their rules.

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