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WWE: Night of Champions is a pay-per-view event presented by the WWE. The show runs three hours and is the one event where every championship from the World Heavy Weight Championship, WWE Championship, Tag Team Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, and Diva's Championship are on the line. The event happens once a year and is taped in front of an audience of roughly 15,000 people and is in a different part of the country every year.

The pay-per-view was once known as Vengeance and has gone through a couple of name changes since 2008. The pay-per-view was known as Vengeance: Night of Champions before changing to WWE: Night of Champion in 2010 and has been known by that name since.

The 2012 WWE: Night of Champions event took place in Boston, Massachusetts on September 16th and was wrapped in controversy as many WWE pay-per-views are. The WWE Champion CM Punk faced the baby face of the company John Cena in Cena's home town. Cena was close to victory when he lost the chance to become the new championship; when CM Punk retained his title due to a draw, when both men were pinned with both men having their shoulders on the mat. In the World Heavy Weight Championship match Sheamuas would defeat Alberto Del Rio ending a feud that lasted for months which gave Del Rio his was the last chance for Del Rio to face Sheamus for the title. Other winners from the night included Eve who become the new Diva's champion after defeating Layla in a story that was wrapped in controversy when Eve replaced Kaitlyn who sustained an ankle injury at the last minute leaving Eve in a prime position to take her place. Antonio Cesero retaining the United States Championship after defeating internet darling Zach Rider. The Miz would win in his match against Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Code Rhodes retaining the Intercontinental Title and Team Hell No would become Tag Team Champions defeating R-Truth and Kofi Kingston. In a non-title match Randy Orton was able to defeated Dolph Ziggler after months of feuding.

5 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
April 29, 1999
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WWE: Night of Champions Full Episode Guide

  • After being brutalized by "The Beast Incarnate" at SummerSlam, John Cena gets his chance at redemption when he challenges Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Two "frenemies" Paige and AJ Lee continue their vendetta over the Divas Title, only this time, Nikki Bella has been added to the fray. Anything can happen with three of WWE's most unpredicable Divas in the ring.

  • Y2J meets a familiar foe when he faces The Viper Randy Orton. Which veteran Superstar will gain the upper hand in the latest chapter of this decade-long rivalry?

  • Mark Henry began representing the United States in 1992 as a competitive powerlifter. Over 20 years later, national pride is once again at stake when The World's Strongest Man attempts to end the undefeated rampage of "The Super Athlete" and the symbol of Russian superiority, Rusev.

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