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X-Men is an animated series based on Marvel Comics and created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and produced by Saban Entertainment. It ran for five seasons with seventy-six episodes on Fox with later reruns on the ABC and Disney channels. The show followed the heroic exploits of the X-Men, a team of mutated humans with special abilities and their telepathic leader Charles Xavier, as they try to save the world from super powered threats. Story arcs usually spanned two or more of the half hour episodes and some plot lines dominated entire seasons. Although a children's show, X-Men often covers adult topics like discrimination, religion, difficult family issues, social problems, and terrible historical events.

Met with fear and unfounded hatred from the human race, mutants are regularly ostracized and demonized by the communities they live in. Professor Charles Xavier, a powerful mutant psychic, dreams of a world where mutants and humans live together in peace. To achieve his goals he builds a school to house young mutants in need of a safe place to live and training in their powers. The protect the school and foster good relations between mutants and humans he creates his X-Men team who fight against the threats normal humans can not combat on their own. The show featured many mutants, but the team's main members were Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, Jubilee, Storm, Rogue, and Gambit. Each of these characters has their own unique super powers and all have had their own storyline or episode within the series.

Xavier's main nemesis is Magneto, a mutant with power over magnetism and metal, who feels that mutants should become the rulers of earth. Their discordant opinions lead to several altercations between Magneto, his henchman, and the X-Men and he is a regular foe throughout the series run. Along with a large gallery of villains and trouble from the government, the X-men must deal with alternate universes and futures, alien races, and the possession of one of their own by a powerful dark force from space while trying to perpetuate Xavier's ideals.

Saturdays at 11:00 am on FOX
5 Seasons, 83 Episodes - Canceled
October 31, 1992
Animation & Cartoons
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X-Men Full Episode Guide

  • Xavier is mortally wounded by Gyrich. The X-Men put together a risky strategy to save Charles' life, but they require Magneto's help, and he's preparing for war.

  • The army hears of a mutant named Sam Guthrie who has cannonball powers, and tries to enlist him. When he doesn't want to go, the X-Men come and save the day.

  • An ancestor of Charles Xaviers' recounts in his diaries the tragic unbecoming of William Essex, an individual who would soon aspire to be something quite sinister...

  • Wolverine remembers long ago when he fought in World War II with Captain America. They must battle the Red Skull and his henchmen.

X-Men News

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Singer, who has recently been promoting his new film, is also under scrutiny in court with a lawsuit alleging that Singer drugged and sexually abused an underage boy in the late 1990's.

Marvel Comics To Feature The First 'X-Men' Same-Sex Marriage

It will be a match made by Marvel. The discussion started when New York State legalized gay marriage in June last year. Now, hot on the heels of President Obama's public endorsement of same-sex unions, Marvel Comics will feature their first same-sex marriage.

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