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Each episode features the real life stories of five kids who ate amazing things, required emergency medical care, and survived! These life-threatening incidents include: a 7-month-old who swallows a foam heart; a 2-year-old who gulps down eight batteries; a 5-year-old who swallows a screwdriver; a 1-year-old who gets a sticker lodged in her throat; an 8-year-old who chokes on a whistle; and many more cases. Originally a one-time TLC special on August 30, 2009, this show is now a series of specials. Source: TLC

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Sundays at 09:00 pm on TLC
1 Season, 1 Episode - New Series
Documentary & Biography, Science & Technology
Your Kid Ate What?
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  • Real life stories of a 7-month-old swallowing a foam heart and a 2-year-old swallowing eight batteries.

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