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Zero Hour is a Canadian and British documentary series from 2004. Over the course of its three seasons and sixteen episodes, each of which were forty five to fifty minutes long, each episode of Zero Hour covered a particular terrorist attack or other man-made tragedy. This coverage included the initial build up to the event, such as the Chernobyl Disaster of 1986, and the end result of the tragedy. Due to the nature of such a program, specific episodes would be edited for content when airing on a given cable channel.

An example of such censorship within the first season is the cutting of a few scenes during the coverage of the Columbine High School Massacre due to footage which contained excessive violence, profanity and racial epithets. Other episodes from the first season, which only consists of four episodes, focused on the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, the hijacking of American Airlines Flight 11, and the coordinated sarin gas attack in Tokyo's subway system during the 1980s.

The second season was expanded to a six episode run and highlighted the bombing of two nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia, the bombing of an Oklahoma City federal building by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the sinking of the MS Estonia cruise ferry, the downfall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, the capture of Saddam Hussein by American military forces, the Grey Wolves' 1981 plot to assassinate Pope John Paul II. The third season kept the same episode count as the second but covered the British Army's Operation Barras, the disintegrating re-entry of the Space Shuttle Columbia, the Nepalese royal massacre carried out by Crown Prince Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah, the 1997 Peruvian hostage crisis by the T

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1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
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Zero Hour Full Episode Guide

  • At the entrance of New Jerusalem, Hank, Beck, Arron and the Shepherds know this is their only chance to find Rachael and stop "Mother"/Lynch's plan before it's too late.

  • Everyone is on high alert, but their search for Rachel remains fruitless, until Hank has a dream which may contain clues that will guide the team to her remote location, and, hopefully provide insight into "Mother"/Lynch's plans.

  • Suffering injuries and disorientation from his recent car accident, Hank awakens on Plum Island in the hands of Melanie Lynch, a.k.a "Mother," and the 41 Trust. With his son's life at stake, Hank's father agrees to continue his work for "Mother."

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ABC's 'Zero Hour' Cancelled!

ABC’s “Davinci Code” –esque thriller “Zero Hour” has been yanked from the air after just three episodes. March 1st the show was pulled from its Thursday slot, effective immediately. While the remaining episodes have yet to be rescheduled, the network says it is “likely” they will be shown during the summer. The show, which premiered Valentine’s Day to 6.3 million viewers was the least-watched premiere for a scripted series for the network, ever.

'Zero Hour' Season 1, Episode 2: 'Pendulum' Recap

Beck and Hank race into an abandoned building. Hank sees his wife draped over a table and runs to her. She tells him he has to stop, he is coming back. She tells him he doesn’t understand—on the window, loci begin to thud against the glass. The swarm gets worse. “He’s coming back,” Laila whispers. Hank wakes from his dream. He is on an airplane, descending into NYC. He looks beside him and sees Beck, looking nervous. He tells her once they find his wife, she can do whatever she wants with Vincent.

'Zero Hour' Season 1, Episode 2: 'Face' Recap

White Vincent’s car pulls up. He shoots the pilot. Hank confronts him and asks him if his wife is alive. He gets punched out of the way. Beck is looking through a journal when she hears the men enter. She slips it into her cot. White Vincent’s flashlight falls on the frozen Hank. He tells Hank it messes with one’s head, and takes the pocket watch off of the dead man. Beck holds her gun to him. Vincent tells her if he kills him, they will never know where to find Laila.

'Zero Hour' 'Strike' (Pilot) Recap

In a hush-hush introduction to the new drama “Zero Hour,” we’re introduced to some kind of secret society called the Rosecruciates, who are hiding a secret from the Nazis. There is also a hospital setting where it would seem experiments have been performed on humans… a baby opens his eyes, which are strangely white. A Nazi-uniformed man warns them that the secret it out and Nazis are coming, and they remove the hidden secret from a deep pool and hustle it out on a truck.

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