The movie, '68, shows a Hungarian-American family, and the way the family struggled in San Francisco during the tumult of 1968. The family's patriarch is Zoltan Szabo, and he is struggling to obtain the American Dream because his restaurant is not doing well as its not making enough money. Zolton had escaped from the Soviet invasion of Budapest. He want's comfort, success, and money for his family members. When Zoltan's son, Peter, gets kicked out of college, he takes a job working for a weird strange biker. The biker is played by Neil Young.

In addition, Zolton's younger son is gay. His father doesn't accept him for the way that he is, so he disowns him. Since the older son is going through his own struggles, he is also disowned by his father. The older son also runs into problems when he runs an illegal motorcycle club. The younger son cannot get into the military because of his sexuality. The two sons join forces to go to a gay rights protest. Since Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy were both assassinated in '68, their respective stories are interposed throughout the film. These aspects of the film are based on true events; although the Szabo family is made up.

The cast members and their respective parts in the movie include: Neil Young as Westy, Jim Russell as Teamster, Michael Sullivan as Roosevelt--Ghetto Youth, Eric Larson as Peter Szabo, Robert Locke as Sandy Szabo, and Sandor Tecsi as Zolton Szabo. Many families in the 1960s lived the way this family in the movie did. Some of the music in the film is by Jimi Hendrix. He is a well-known musician for his day. Steven Kovacs is the director of the movie. The respective 1988 drama is rated R for language and overall violence.

| 1987 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.0/10
Terri Lynn Bradley, Shony Alex Braun, Elizabeth De Charay, Nike Doukas
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Also directed by Steven Kovacs

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'68 (1988) Trailer|2:01
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