A Love Song for Bobby Long

"The heart is a lonely hunter."

A Love Song for Bobby Long is a 2004 drama based in New Orleans. It is based on a novel by New Orleans writer Ronald Everett Capps. Capps’ son Grayson Capps, a New Orleans singer-songwriter, wrote and performed the soundtrack for the film. The movie stars John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson. Johansson plays eighteen year old Purslane Hominy Will who returns to New Orleans after her mother dies from a drug overdose. She reunites with her literature professor Bobby Long (Travolta). Long and a young writer named Lawson Pines are living in her mother’s dilapidated house. They are serious alcoholics and chain smokers. They become type of dysfunctional family discussing literature and making music. It is an interesting but tragic story.

| 2004 | 2 hr | 7.2/10
Shainee Gabel
A Love Song for Bobby Long

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