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In 1965 Jan Lanica wrote a short animated film called, "A". This is a German film produced by Boris Von Borrisholm. This animated film only last for ten minutes. The film is a story of a writer who is harassed, abused, and tormented by a huge letter "A". The writer spends the bulk of the film trying to free himself from the abuse and torment that the letter "A", is giving him.

This movie was a black and white film written at a time when the art of film making and creating animations was a fresh idea. Jan Lanica spent his whole life writing movies and making films. His sister's name was Danuta, she was an illustrator during that time. Danuta was married to Tadeusz Konwicki, who was a famous writer-director of the time.

Movie making has come a long way since those days, especially animation. Illustrators spent hours then drawing each and every movement of the characters as t happened in slow motion to create the effects needed to make it look as though the animations were alive and could move freely on the screen. The editing for the movie "A", was done by Renate Ruhr who also assisted Georges Maillet in the cinematography done on the film.

This film was recorded in french and shot in Germany. The art of film making has come full circle since 1965 with the addition of HD, digital programming, more intense cameras with the ability to shoot shots for 360 degrees, the increase in the ability to produce graphic art and illustrations with the use of computer technology.

It could be said the movie entitled "A" was a look inside the life of the writer himself. An intense synopsis of what it is like to be a writer who is facing a writers block or being held prisoner by the very creative writing work that he or she is trying to create. Writing is one of the most intense forms of creativity, it is the way we release our pain in some instances, the way we communicate, the way we share information, the way we learn. It is an intricate part of our every day lives. In the movie, the writer spends most of the film striving to rid himself of the woes he is getting from the letter "A". As he finally frees himself from the horrors of the letter "A", along comes a gigantic letter "B" to continue where "A" left off.

| 1965 | 10 min | 6.1/10
Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn
Jan Lenica
Produced By
Boris von Borresholm
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