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"It's already too late."

Alien Resurrection is the fourth movie out of the seven movies in the Alien franchise. Alien Resurrection takes place on the USM Auriga around two hundred years after the events of the third Alien movie. The Auriga is an outer-space vessel used by the military for experiments. The crew of the USM Auriag clones Ellen Ripley using the blood that was taken before her death. Using the clone, they take an egg that was growing inside a dead alien queen and impregnate the Ripley clone with it. The scientists also had given the Ripley clone more DNA of the Alien species so that the egg would be more compatible with her body.

When a group of mercenaries arrive, they bring to the scientists humans that are in stasis for their experiments. The military scientists use the humans to breed more aliens which fully mature on the ship. The aliens escape their confines and go on a killing spree. Most of the crew is dead, and the ship receives damage during the fray. The lead scientist alerts the remaining crew that the ship is set to immediately return to Earth since it has read that there is an emergency situation. The crew quickly realizes that the aliens would then be released on Earth, possibly wiping out the entire human race. The survivors quickly decide that they should use the mercenaries’ ship to destroy the Auriga before it reaches Earth.

Ripley makes an important discovery when she realizes that the new queen that has been born has a womb, which means that she can deliver her own young. Since the young are mostly human, they believe that their mother is Ripley. They protect her instead of the queen, which leads to this queen’s death. The remaining survivors board the other ship just in time to watch the other ship crash.

| 1997 | | 6.2/10 | 63/100
Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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Alien Resurrection|2:29
Alien Resurrection|2:29
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