American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt is the third installment of the American Ninja film franchise which received some popularity in the 80's. It is the first film in the series to feature another starring role not played by Michael Dudikoff (the lead in both the first, second and fourth installments of the series). The plot of the film revolves around "The Cobra" a powerful ninja warrior who has amassed a army of genetically altered shinobi assassins. In addition to this, The Cobra has infected the second American Ninja, Sean Davidson, with a potent virus that will eventually lead to his death. Thus with the aid of his trusty right hand man, Curtis Jackson (played by 80s action regular, Steve James), he must take down Cobra and his army of genetically altered ninjas, led by the beguiling, sinister Chan Lee (played by Michele B. Chan).

American Ninja 3 was directed by Cedric Sundstrom, produced by Harry Alan Towers and John Strodel and received a fairly across-the-board panning. It currently holds only a 3.2 on the film reviewing site IMDB (Internet Movie Database).

| 1989 | 1 hr 29 min | 3.4/10
Cedric Sundstrom
American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt

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