Anne of Green Gables

Based on the beloved novel by LM Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables is a heart warming family film that will delight old and young viewers alike. The story takes place in the early twentieth century and is filmed on the beautiful Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. The scenic shots of this lovely province certainly add warmth to this classic film.

The protagonist of the story is eleven year old orphan Anne Shirley. She has an overactive imagination which is continually getting her into scrapes. Despite her bleak life, Anne declares that her biggest trial in life is her bright red hair. She spends a good amount of time lamenting that she was not born with beautiful raven black hair--as she imagines that all lovely heroines in stories seem to have.

Anne is delighted to learn that an elderly couple by the name of Cuthbert who live on Prince Edward Island are looking to adopt a little girl, and she has been chosen to go. Upon arriving at the station, Anne meets Matthew Cuthbert. Matthew is painfully shy and seems slightly unsure what to make of the perky redhead who seems to have no shortage of words herself.

Upon arriving home, Anne meets Matthews spinster sister, Marilla. This is when Anne learns the devastating news, the Cuthberts had not wanted a girl at all. But a boy to help Matthew out on the farm. Poor Matthew, upon meeting Anne at the station had not had the heart to crush her excitement and joy at finally having a place to call home.

Despite initially seeming cold and cross, Marilla does find she develops quite a soft spot for Anne. She offers Anne a trial period in which Marilla herself will determine if Anne will be allowed to stay at Green Gables or should return to the orphanage. Despite being overjoyed, Anne finds that attempting to stay out of mischief for very long will prove one of her most difficult challenges yet. Trouble just seems to follow her around, weather she’s falling off the roof, accidentally dying her hair green, or somehow becoming stranded in the middle of the lake, Anne’s zest for life combined with her active imagination get her into more scrapes than she can even count.

| 1985 | 3 hr 19 min | 8.5/10
Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, Richard Farnsworth, Patricia Hamilton
Kevin Sullivan
Anne of Green Gables
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Also directed by Kevin Sullivan

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