Aurat is a Hindi movie that was directed and produced by S.S. Balan and S.S. Vasan. The movie features Padmini, Rajesh Khanna, Pran, Kanhaiyalal, O. P. Ralhan, Lalita Pawar, Leela Chitnis and Nazima. The story follows Parvati who has spent her entire life struggling to educate her brother, Suresh (played by Rajesh Khanna) so that he can become a doctor and lend a hand. Feroz Khan makes her smile, but the circumstances keep her from engaging him any further.

Manoharilal is a father of six who wishes to marry again. In his search for a new wife, he spies Parvati. He issues a proposal for marriage, but Suresh, as well as her mother does not accept it, despite his money.

However, Parvati accepts his proposal because it will raise her family's status and improve their lives. Suresh tries to keep her from marrying, but she moves forward, irregardless.

Manoharilal's family does not welcome his new bride since they are against the marriage. Suresh is worried about the situation that his sister is in. Despite this, Parvati manages to win the affection of all of her husband's children.

Since Parvati spends most all of her time with the children, this is irritating her husband. Therefore, she behaves as best she can for her husband, but is herself unhappy. At times he doubts his wife's fidelity, assuming she is having an affair.

Suresh and Parvati's sister become attracted toward each other, but Manoharilal strongly opposes. He discontinues Suresh's education in retaliation. However, Manoharilal's sister manages to obtain the money to continue his studies. Suresh finally passes the final examinations.

Manoharilal arranges for his sister to marry. However, when he sees her frequently visiting a hotel, he assumes she is earning money as a prostitute. The revelation greatly surprises Manoharilal and Parvati. It turns out that the man Parvati wanted to marry has funded Suresh's education. The actual truth is that he is married to Parvati's mentally challenged sister. When Manoharilal realizes this, he reunites Suresh with his sister.

1967 | 2 hr 29 min | 7.0/10
Padmini, Pran, Rajesh Khanna, Feroz Khan
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Also starring Padmini

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