Beau Geste

"The World's Immortal Adventure!"

Beau Geste is one of the various film adaptations of the novel by P.C. Wren. The film follows a French Foreign Legion column that has arrived at the ravaged Fort Zinderneuf, which is only being defended by one survivor, American Beau Graves (Guy Stockwell), when the column arrives. The remaining scenes of the film are a flashback of Graves' experience at the fort.

Beau's commanding officers, Lt. De Ruse (Leslie Nielsen) and Sgt. Major Dagineau (Telly Savalas), are brutal toward the recruits, especially toward Beau, who Dagnieau believes threatened his life in an anonymous letter. Beau joined the Legion to escape a prison sentence for embezzlement that was actually committed by his partner. Beau's love for his partner's wife helps him survive the torture and stay mentally strong.

Beau's column is ordered to relieve Fort Zinderneuf, an expedition that encountered multiple skirmishes and De Ruse being severely wounded. Dagineau's command lasts a short period before the men mutiny and call for his execution, but before it can be completed there is a Tuareg attack. The attacks kill many of the legionnaires. Beau speaks with De Ruse before he succumbs to his wounds, and he admits that the letter was from him as an attempt to force Dagineau to treat the men more humanely.

Finally the attacks have only left Beau and Dagineau alive, and as the relief column arrives Dagineau tries to kill Beau to hide the fact that the men had mutinied against him. Both men begin to fight each other before Beau is able to shoot and kill Dagineau. Beau, however, does not reveal to the relief column's commander Dagineau's brutal ways and the mutiny that had happened, instead only saying that every man died as a hero.

The film ends with the Legion's decision to abandon the indefensible Fort. Beau, who lost his arm to wounds, is told that he will be discharged.

| 1966 | 1 hr 43 min | 6.0/10
Guy Stockwell, Doug McClure, Leslie Nielsen, Telly Savalas
Beau Geste
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Also directed by Douglas Heyes

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