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A Dhampir woman, a half human half vampire, named Rayne is kept at a carnival as an attraction. Dhampir do not need to drink human blood and are not affected by all the weaknesses of vampires. After successfully escaping from the carnival, Rayne learns from a fortune teller that her father, a vampire king, is seeking a magical talisman and that if she wishes to be admitted into his presence so she can get revenge against him for killing her mother, she must retrieve the talisman herself. As Rayne sets out to seek the talisman, the vampire king is raising a powerful army to wipe out humanity and a small band of humans named the Brimstone Society seeks to stop him. The king hunts for Rayne, hoping to prevent her from thwarting his plans while the Society hunts for her as well, hoping to recruit her to kill her father.

| 2005 | 1 hr 34 min | 2.9/10

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