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Cheerleader Ninjas is an action comedy movie about a group cheerleaders who must use martial arts training to defend their honor. The movie was filmed entirely on location at Englewood High School in Englewood, Colorado. The group of sexy, albeit naive high school cheerleaders are blamed by a group of conservative church ladies for corrupting the morals of children. The cheerleaders are specifically accused of infiltrating porn onto websites. The cheerleaders aren't about to take the accusations sitting down, and are determined to restore their reputations by any means necessary.

Determined to rid themselves of the cheerleaders for good, the church ladies hire Stephen (Jeff Nicholson), an obviously closeted gay Catholic reform school teacher to show the cheerleaders the err of their ways. Stephen's actual agenda is that he is bitter and holding a grudge because was dismissed from the cheerleading squad. Stephen wastes no time hiring a group of reformed ex prostitutes to put a beatdown on the cheerleaders Angela (Angela Brubaker), Heather (Renee Deemer), and Hanna (Brooke Martin) as a warning. Along with the religious zealots, the cheerleaders face a double threat when the diabolical Mr. X (Don Sneed) decides he wants to use the girls as guinea pigs to test evil internet zombie software.

Realizing that conventional methods won't help them against their enemies, the cheerleaders must seek help from geeks Chubby (T. Scott Becker), Maverick (Jared Brubaker), and Flamer (Adam Burns) to teach them martial arts. The cheerleaders begin to learn martial arts, and express their skills thorugh a number of catfight scenes filled with gratuitous nudity. The movie is interlaced with several dream sequences with the scantilly clad, ninja fantasy girl (Kira Reed). Armed and ready for battle, the cheerleaders must face Stephen's Catholic school girls and Mr. X. The cheerleaders are able to defeat all of their enemies and resume their cheerleading duties.

| 1998 | 1 hr 36 min | 2.3/10
Kevin Campbell

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