Chump Change

Chump Change is an epic film falling into the genres of both comedy and romance. This film was distributed by Miramax films and it is approximately 89 minutes long. Chump Change was written by and directed by Stephen Burrows. This film was also produced by Kirsten Caufield, Chris Connolly, Todd Hagopion, and Ray Kimsey. Plus, this film stars many outstanding actor's and actresses such as Stephen Burrows, Tim Matheson, Traci Lords, and Jerry Stilled. Chump Change is based on Steve Burrows real life experiences that he faced as a writer, writing in Los Angeles.

To start out Steve Burrows, also known as Milwaukee Steve, finally caught a break in a Crotch Fresh commercial, becoming the commercial guy. Afterwards, Steve just couldn't seem to catch his second break, not even getting another Crotch Fresh gig. After continuous attempts, Steve decides that he will fake his death, make a brilliant return, and ultimately this will give him that big comeback he desires. Unfortunately, things do not happen the way that he had planned. This is because Steve acquired a spot on Wheel of Fortune, but ends up being known for the one sued by the notorious Merv Griffin Corp. where several people begin to ride his coat tails.

Furthermore, Steve fails writing a script he was hired for and starts to spiral down into depression, desperation, and suffers from being broke. So, Steve decides to return home to Milwaukee and receive support from his loving family and friends. Sadly, upon arrival he discovers his mother rented his room to someone else, when they were out in the Netherlands. In this film you will see all the ups and downs, the rise and fall of Steve Burrows writing career. You will witness the obstacles he had to over come and the trials and tribulations he had to endure, that got him where he is today.

| 2000 | 1 hr 29 min | 5.9/10
Stephen Burrows, Tim Matheson, Traci Lords, A.J. Benza
Stephen Burrows
Chump Change
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