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"High seas. Deep terror. Try to stay calm."

John Ingram (Sam Neill) and his wife Rae (Nichole Kidman) go on a much needed yachting vacation after their young son is killed in a car wreck. John and Rae's yacht come across a drifting boat that seems to be slowly sinking. The occupant, Hughie Warner (Billy Zane), claims that the other occupants of the nearby ship died of food poisoning, and he is the only survivor. John rows over to the ship and finds the bloodied bodies of the ship's occupants stored in a hatch. He also discovers a videotape, which suggests that Hughie is the murderer. John tries to row back to his yacht but Hughie is able to commandeer it and row away with Rae.

As the ship takes on water, John frantically tries to Radio Rae. Hughie ignores Rae's pleas to go back for John, and continues to sail away from the sinking vessel. Realizing that Hughie is completely psychotic, Rae attempts to build a rapport with him. Rae attempts to radio her husband but his ship's radio is damaged. Through a series of handset clicks she is able to learn that his ship will sink in a matter of hours. After seducing Hughie, Rae spikes his drink with sleeping pills. Rae ties up the unconscious Hughie and turns the yacht around to look for John. Hughie awakens and after a brief struggle. Rae shoot him with a harpoon gun and puts him on a small boat attached to the yacht's stern. John gets off the sinking ship and attracts Rae's attention after setting some debris on fire. After safely boards the yacht, they discover that the Hughie is no longer behind the boat.

Assuming that Hughie is dead, John fixes Rae's breakfast as she relaxes on the deck. She believes that the hands washing her hair belong to John. She opens her eyes to see Hughie, who begins to strangle her. John grabs a flare gun and shoots Hughie in the mouth. Hughie falls overboard.

| 1989 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.8/10 | 70/100
Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill, Billy Zane, Rod Mullinar
Warner Home Video
Phillip Noyce

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